Meet Kelly Taylor

Founder and CEO of Metropolitan West

Kelly Taylor is founder and CEO of Metropolitan West, a leading provider and installer of solar control window film, interior graphics and decorative glass films. Working closely with her clients and staff, Taylor oversees all projects from envisioning and planning through installation to achieve impeccable service and satisfaction for each of her clients.

Taylor started Metropolitan West as a provider of anti-graffiti window coatings to multiple businesses in the Los Angeles Area. With her vision for functional and decorative solutions growing, Taylor soon expanded her offerings to include safety films, decorative glass films, interior graphics and a wide variety of top-of-the-line solar control window films to businesses nationwide and internationally.

Realizing the powerful environmental impact of the company’s solar window film, Taylor has heightened her company’s commitment to helping businesses become more energy efficient through its products. With experienced design capabilities and a large selection of solar film products, the company is striving to bridge the gap between energy efficiency, comfort and architectural design in the work space.

Now, with one of the largest women-owned companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, Taylor continues to lead Metropolitan West by executing its mission to provide the best products the industry has to offer, making her clients surroundings more beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

About Metropolitan West

Everything you every wanted to know (but were afraid to ask!)

waynes world

A lot happened in 1992. Bill Clinton became president of the United States, Microsoft released Windows 3.1, Wayne’s World became a movie, and the space shuttle Endeavour launched a successful maiden voyage. Also, this is the year Kelly Taylor launched Metropolitan West from her home.

Since 1992, we have worked and consulted with the nation’s leading architects, contractors and property managers creating breathtaking spaces, solving energy concerns through our innovative and professional services for all window film needs.

Our design and services have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, as well as on Los Angeles area news programs. We would be happy to provide you with references upon request.

Metropolitan West is a full-service company, combining top of the line
window films with expert installation and creative solutions for businesses.