Custom Gradient Glass Films

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We Do Gradients

Custom Gradient Glass Film

Either for privacy or decorative purposes, we have a custom solution

Why Custom Gradients?

  • Any Height

    Not limited to 50” or 60” in height

  • Any Pattern

    From Half Tone, Dots, Square, to Your Logo – Custom means any pattern

  • Any Density

    Spatial variation over any area, from top to bottom, left to right, or center outwards

  • Any Color

    Gradation between one color, or multiple colors

Custom Gradient Glass Film vs. Off The Shelf – What’s The Difference?

Off the shelf gradients are preset and normally only fade in one direction, at a restricted set size.

Custom gradients can do whatever you want – size, direction, color, pattern or density – there are no limits. The benefits of this privacy window film are that you can cover or reveal as much or as little as you’d like, with your own stylized pattern. We can do anything to meet your requirements with a custom gradient solution.

Architects and designers are no longer limited to the use of traditional gradients; they can now use our custom gradients to match other design characteristics perfectly.

Where to Put Gradients

Gradients can be applied to all glass surfaces: Office Space, Lobbies, Sidelights, Retail locations, Glass Partitions – Anywhere to ensure decorative privacy or to improve aesthetic appearance. Custom gradient glass film can be produced to fit any size space; we work with you on design to meet your requirements to transform any glass surface to a tailored work of art with controlled light transmission and privacy.

The Swatch below is just as a guide, we can do an degree of transparency throughout any gradient.





Gradient Transparency Levels Swatch

How To Communicate Requirements

Below are some sample elevations we have used with clients to demonstrate how a gradient would look and work for their space.

Sample Gradient Ideas

Below are a few ideas on how gradients can be applied to full panel glass

How To Get Started

Contact us today to match a solution to your needs. We offer a pack and ship self-install solution through to a full professional service including installation.

Fox103 5thFloor Gradient F

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page for more information and answers