Di-Noc Architectural Surface Finishes

650 Designs including Wood, Metallic, Carbon, Concrete, Woven, Leather, Nuno, Stone & pure color finishes.

Wish you could do something about that terrible, scratched desktop or make that wall in your office look like leather or wood paneling without the cost of replacement. Di-Noc films are the answer. The film mimics the real item in look and texture.

From industrial concretes to elegantly aged woods; vibrant pops of color to rich marbles, the Di-Noc globally inspired designs are sophisticated yet accessible.

A comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted architectural finishes, the DI-NOC series offers a cost-effective solution for transforming ordinary architectural elements into extraordinary. Utilizing 3M technology, these dynamic films have the ability to conform to flat or curved surfaces, providing unlimited design potential. Where wood, concrete and marble challenge conventional installation options, DI-NOC’s lightweight, flexible film can be installed to fulfill previously impossible design intents.

Features & Benefits of Di-Noc

  • Reuse & repurpose Existing Surfaces

    No need to replace, recover!

  • Limited Downtime With Installation

    Save time and money

  • Multiple Applications

    Stone can become wood and vice versa

  • Cost Effective

    When compared to Replacement

For remodels, our Di-Noc films are an incredible cost effective solution compared to replacement. To learn more, please contact us today.

Installations of Di-Noc Wood Solutions

Di-Noc Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

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