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Metropolitan West delivers innovative Surface Imaging films that combine technology, versatility and appealing design. Regardless of what you want to achieve – from custom colors to unique office wall graphics – our in-house digital printing services can translate your concepts onto your glass, walls, floor, ceilings and doors. We have you covered, handling all your requirements in-house from design, project management, sampling and digital printing to production and installation. As a result, you gain a single custom film resource with impeccable customer service and professionalism from an industry leader. With our experience and resources, your creative vision for a custom wallcovering and beyond, has no limits.

  • Features and benefits of large format printing:

  • Your own design and concepts

    Turned into larger than life decorative works of art

  • We can help you with all your design needs

    We have an in-house team of professional designers

  • Color match, compliment or contrast existing paint

    We can match all Pantone or paint colors

  • Perfectly complement furniture, wallcoverings, carpet, and interior design elements

    We can now print on fabric too!

  • Create wall-sized photographs, wall wraps, murals, custom graphics, super graphics, inspirational word art, or just your logo

    Brand your office with digital graphics, photographs or word clouds

  • Easily change & update creative effects to match season, promotion, event, or writable walls

    Give your office a seasonal theme or promote your latest innovation.

“With such versatility, quality, and creative options, our custom films offer a wide range of visual experience to add the perfect finished touch to your interior design” – Kelly Taylor, Priniciple of Metropolitan West

Our custom film solutions deliver unlimited opportunities for creative expression and design freedom. To learn how our custom films can make your surroundings more beautiful and exciting contact us today.

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