Decorative Distraction Safety Markers Do More Than Look Good!

It Might Be A Code Requirement In Your City!

Distraction Markers
Distraction Markers Protect Your

Building Code Department

The law or code requirement for transparent glass is dependent on the city or state – do not be caught unaware, check the legislation in your area by contacting your local Building Code Department. Remember, ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

Don’t Be Negligent

Even if you are not required by code, Distraction markers are still an ethical and practical way to protect your business, as well as those who visit your location. Installing distraction markers is far more cost-effective than a lawsuit.

Why Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers are not just for glass doors, they can be used wherever you have glass panels in your commercial space, whether it’s glass partitions, doors or window panes. Distraction markers can be applied to any glass or window installation in any industry such as office, foyer, retail location, hotel, restaurant, gym, spa or bank… Wherever there is glass!

There are a plethora of videos on YouTube of people walking into unmarked glass – with disastrous effect. Although some may view as comical, to a business owner, there are many costly ramifications to not taking action to notify and protect.


The purpose of distraction markers is very simple, to prevent anyone from walking into a clear pane of glass. Glass can often be mistaken for simply not being there, especially if just cleaned.


Your commercial space speaks volumes for your company. Why not take this opportunity to turn your glass canvases to decorative, elegant, sophisticated, exciting modern works of art?


Distraction markers can also offer privacy. The band size can be as thick or as thin as required, and designed to your exact specification. Why not take this opportunity to add privacy as well as protection.

Distraction Markers

3 Good Reasons For Distraction Markers


We often get called once it is too late. Do not wait until an accident happens, be proactive and prevent it before it does. A cost effective solution that can save money long term. Distraction markers are a great solution to protect your team and company.

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Distraction markers main application is safety, but it is also a great opportunity to brand your company location. Either incorporate your logo into a standard distraction marker, or repeat continuously; your logo will be visible throughout your space.

wow distraction marker


Distraction markers have a very welcome side effect to their practical nature, they also look awesome; especially the etched glass effect. Distraction markers can turn what could otherwise be a simple pane of glass into a custom designed embellishment.

Which Design Is Right For You?

We have a tried and tested selection of distraction markers, though why not take this opportunity to go custom? We have a solution to your requirements.

Our custom design can incorporate any concept or idea, be it vibrant branding or to accentuate your established aesthetic design. A popular choice is repetitive logo branding, repeating your identity to flow throughout your commercial environment.

Although some of the most popular designs have the look and feel of sandblasted or etched glass, do not let this limit your design. We can personalize your decorative distraction marker to incorporate any color, pattern, style or concept you have.

Distraction Markers

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