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Metropolitan West's Safety and Security Films help protect you and your business from shattered or broken glass and windows.

When glass is broken (due to earthquakes, burglary, vandalism, or accidents), the resulting shards can splinter into a wide area and cause property damage and significant bodily injury. Our safety and security films hold glass together, thus impeding the shattering process and protecting both people and property.

  • Benefits and features of safety and security window films:

  • Reduced flying glass shards

    During an earthquake, protect those around your building.

  • First line of defense

    Against rocks, bricks, balls, and other projectiles

  • Reduce fading

    Of furniture, carpets, window treatments, and other furnishings

We provide a wide array of film options for retrofit as well as other construction projects. Moreover, to complement the advantages of safety and security films, Metropolitan West has almost two decades of installation experience. Through our exceptional history of customer service, businesses gain a reliable way to implement smart precautions. To learn more how we can protect you and your business, contact us today.

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