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Founder and CEO of Metropolitan West
Kelly Taylor Designer CEO

Kelly Taylor, CEO | | (562) 426 7701
1707A E. 28th Street, Long Beach, CA 90755

To talk about Metropolitan West (or peerhatch) is to talk about Kelly Taylor – CEO and founder.

Kelly Taylor is CEO for two companies, an innovator, and driven by her passion for improving the aesthetic and function of her clients’ spaces – a process she calls “WOWification”.

As a CEO for Metropolitan West, she leads her team of professionals daily on the front line, providing products and services for design firms, construction businesses, and facility management companies by supplying and installing mural wall graphics, decorative glass films, solar control films and any other film that covers glass, walls, floors, ceilings and doors. Her most recent innovative product is peerhatch, a dry-erase writable wall covering that includes a patented graphical layer to promote collaboration in team environments.

Kelly, a native of SoCal, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 12 when she would sell t-shirts and jewelry wherever she could. Mom provided the capital and transportation, while Kelly made and sourced the products. Since then, through additions to her product line over the years from graffiti abatement to peerhatch, she has grown MetWest to be one of the largest women-owned companies in Southern California.

To develop herself professionally, Kelly likes to expand her knowledge by attending groups of like-minded business owners to learn new techniques and strategies for developing her business further. She also follows technology closely to see what new progress could aid company growth and provide support for her team – a team which she invests in to expand their skillsets through company supported training.

As an innovator, Kelly brings all that she learns to her team, products and processes – which is what led to the recent acquisition of a patent for peerhatch, a product that has already begun to transform collaborative spaces into award winning projects. Kelly is also very proud of her collection of industry awards that Metropolitan West has collected over the years.

For the future, Kelly is now expanding her companies into other regions and territories starting with a new production facility and sales office in the heart of Las Vegas. Her goal is to introduce peerhatch to the country, one office at a time if necessary – just like she did when she started MetWest years ago. Though with her understanding of future technology, digital marketing, and advanced salesmanship – it should be much easier this time around.

Besides innovating and creating amazing spaces, Kelly also loves experimenting in the kitchen and all things food. She is also learning to parasail and secretly enjoys driving fast in her Jaguar.

Metropolitan West is a full-service company, combining top of the line window films with expert installation and creative solutions for businesses.

Company Vision, Ethos & Mission Statement

To bring beauty and functionality to environments through technology and design.
To create exceptional environments that bring WOWification.

Environmental Statement

To conserve where possible, digitalize when able and be conscious always.
Our Goal is to be a 100% paper-free office.




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