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How proper signage can increase business
How Proper Signage Can Increase Business

A major challenge faced by all businesses is figuring out how to attract customers. If you want to create a good first impression of your business, it’s important to understand...

16 05 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
paint or custom wall murals
Paint or Custom Wall Murals? Benefits of Wall Coverings

Should you choose paint or custom wall murals? When it’s time for a renovation project, you have many decisions to make. One of them is what you’re going to do...

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
window tint film, is window tinting worth it
What Is Window Tint Film? Is Window Tinting Worth It?

What is window tint film? It’s a solution that can help you cut on energy costs while protecting your space from UV rays. Let’s see if it works as good...

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
interior design biophilic design
Interior Design Trends: Biophilic Design – How to Bring Nature to Your Office

Interior design trends come and go but the trend toward biophilic design has been growing for the past few years. Bringing nature to the workplace gets more and more popular....

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
glass film installation
Glass Film Installation: How We Make It Happen Quicker than Anyone

In our busy lives, the question of scheduling is always a pressing issue. The same goes for our customers. Luckily, we can boast of our fast glass film installation. Sometimes...

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
eco-friendly office, go green
Go Green: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Office in 7 Steps

Thinking about making your office more environmentally friendly? Read our mini-guide on creating an eco-friendly office and go green with ease! Here in California, we drive our fully electric Teslas...

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
signage for business, sign, wayfinding
Signage for Business: 4 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Why is signage important for your business? As you might know, it has the power of catching customer’s eye and affecting their decision on whether to walk into a store....

26 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
3m window film, daylight redirecting film
3M Window Film: Is Daylight Redirecting Film Worth It?

It has been proven many times that employees prefer workplaces with natural light, so many companies choose offices with numerous windows to retain and attract talent. However, while letting more...

08 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
office design for millennials
Office Design for Millennials and Gen Z

Interior design trends change with the needs and wishes of the people they serve. In the case of office design, those people are employees. By 2020, 46 percent of all...

08 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor
privacy window film, glass film
What is Privacy Window Film and Why Your Office Needs it ASAP

What is privacy window film? How exactly does it protect privacy in your office and why should you consider installing it as soon as possible? Read this blog post to...

08 01 2019 / Posted by Kelly Taylor