Our Most Frequently Asked Wall Covering Questions

If you’re interested in a decorative wall covering for your space and you’re not familiar with the large format printing, you probably have a lot of questions. Questions about artwork or installation, or even just the definition of some of the terms you see pop up on wall mural websites. … Read more

How Using Solar Control Films Minimizes Your Energy Costs

Eco-friendly is more than a popular buzzword, it’s a smart business plan. With this in mind, there are a number of steps we each can take to save both the environment and our bank accounts by implementing solutions to reduce our energy consumption. One step we can take is to … Read more

Why Custom Signage & Wayfinding?

No matter how large or small it is, your business needs custom signage and wayfinding. Maybe you’re a sprawling hospital with a complex system of departments in need of a detailed informational system. Or perhaps you’re a five-person office that needs to point out where the restrooms are. Because signage … Read more

Why Building Wraps are Your Solution To Gaining & Retaining Tenants

If you’re in property management, everything you do revolves around two goals – gain tenants when you have a vacancy, and then retain them for as long as possible. You probably already have a list of strategies to ensure these two goals happen. You stay up to date on the … Read more

Your Most Frequently Asked Glass Film Questions

If you’re not used to working with glass film a day in and day out, you might have a lot of questions. If you’re hoping to install custom glass film, the process might be even more daunting. At MetWest, we don’t expect all of our clients to be experts – … Read more

6 Decorative Wall Covering Ideas For The Office

Office design has progressed far in the past few decades. Most companies have (finally) abandoned boring cubicle setups and gray walls for better options. To meet the needs of the modern workforce, offices are expected to be aesthetically pleasing and original, and well thought out. Every element matters and decorative … Read more

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