Custom Branded Covid Signage

Solutions For Reopening Your Business

COVID-19 Signage for Business

Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table, MetWest’s services combine quality materials, custom design, and expertise. We’re now happy to provide COVID-19 signage for businesses. Our goal is not only to provide you with the solution you need to help your business reopen quickly and safely, but also the solution whose quality you can count on for months and years to come.

Partner with MetWest to reopen your business with COVID safety signs for:

  • Social Distancing
  • Handwashing Reminders
  • Mask Wearing Regulations
  • Wayfinding
  • And much more!

Custom COVID-19 Signage

Keep employees safe while enhancing your space

  • Custom Branding
    We adhere to brand guidelines as well as logo and color requirements so that new COVID business signage integrates with your space.
  • Clearly Communicate
    Your business has unique safety needs and regulations. Don’t settle for standardized signage – communicate your exact guidelines clearly with custom text.
  • High Quality Products
    Bringing over 20 years of print and signage experience, MetWest uses only the highest standard of materials to create signage that stands up to high traffic and long term use.

Why choose custom?

It has become clear that the safety measures taken to combat COVID-19 will not be short term. Your safety signage will be a part of your workplace for months. Choosing custom allows you to install signs that will integrate beautifully with your space.

Standard options might communicate the information you need, but they are often ugly and created without consideration for the environment they’ll be in. They are an intrusive eyesore in an otherwise well designed space. Why settle for that when you can have safety signage that enhances your place of business?


Custom COVID-19 Signage Solutions For Your Industry





Right now businesses across the world are facing the same challenges as they navigate the return to the workplace. That doesn’t mean that every business requires the same standard set of signage solutions. While certain safety regulations (and associated signage) are being adopted by everyone – for example washing one’s hands for 20 seconds and maintaining 6 ft of distance – most business’ will adopt additional COVID-19 safety regulations to address their own unique circumstances.

Every industry has its own specific concerns depending on their operations. A retail business may require signage to communicate their specific no-contact pick-up policy to customers. Healthcare facilities may need wayfinding to guide visitors through a new check-in process for their appointments.

You know your business and your safety needs best. The advantage of custom Coronavirus signage is that you can communicate your safety regulations very specifically. Keeping employees healthy during this transition is every workplace’s priority. Communication will be key to a seamless reopening, and an email will probably not be enough to change years of ingrained habits. COVID safety signage that is clear and specific is an effective strategy to eliminate confusion.


We Provide Creative Help

Our team of designers can create custom COVID business signage to meet your needs

No on-staff designer? No problem.
Our team will follow your requirements to create a custom branded solution that will integrate seamlessly into your business.

We Can:

  • Offer professional graphic design assistance to create unique artwork
  • Use your text to communicate your workspace’s unique guidelines clearly
  • Match your brand colors
  • Include your logo
  • Meet your size requirements

A branding opportunity

With careful implementation, custom COVID-19 signage can be a thoughtful addition to your environmental branding. Branding is more than simply your logo. Many design elements of your space can work together to reinforce your company’s brand and values. It helps create a sense of belonging and community for employees and gives visitors a strong sense of who you are as a unique and memorable business.

If you need new signage for practical safety reasons, taking the opportunity to brand it brings added benefits to your business. Even simply matching your company colors or adding your logo can make a big difference. You can even go further by incorporating graphics and language that reflect your company’s culture.

Effective Coronavirus safety signage is posted in many parts of your space, from entry door temperature check reminders to restroom handwashing notices. Branding will make each new addition be a seamless addition to your space.


A Long Term Solution For Your Business Safety Signage

Quality materials that stand up to high traffic

Unfortunately, the reality is that we will all need to be following new COVID-19 safety regulations. While many business’ quickly introduced temporary signage to immediately address their needs, many of these products were not created with long term use in mind. After a few months of use, many quickly implemented temporary signs are already peeling up and wearing out.

With a commitment to quality products and excellent service, MetWest is happy to provide you with COVID-19 signage for businesses. We offer a solution that both integrates seamlessly with your space and that you can count on for months and years. Contact us today to get started!