How do I get pricing for my project?

You can click here and let us know about your project.  you can also call us at 562.426.7701 to review.

What file size do you need?

Resolution should be at 300 dpi.  Please save them as CMYK to get truer color. Pictures that are pulled from the internet typically are not large enough to reproduce as they are low resolution at 72 dpi.

Why do I need to approve an Elevation?

We want to ensure what you are expecting is what we are providing from the design, to the layout to the installation.

Why do you send samples?

We want to ensure that you are getting the colors and material that you were expecting. What you see on your monitor will not be the same as what is printed.  Monitors are RGB and printers are CMYG which supports a wider color spectrum.

What is a Pantone or PMS color?

Pantone is a color matching standard used in printing and design.  You can tell us a pantone color and we can match it.

What is bleed?

Bleed is the little extra printed area done on the top, bottom and sides of the project that is done for alignment for installation.

I am so confused about files, bleeds and sizing; what can I do?

Call us!! our friendly team will help you get your project started.


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