NFL Los Angeles

The new home for NFL Los Angeles opened September 2021, the culmination of Gensler’s bold design vision that translates NFL’s football-first narrative into an expansive new workspace. The 225,000 square foot space included extensive custom graphics throughout all 4 floors of the space. MetWest is proud to have worked with Gensler and NFL to implement their truly extraordinary vision by producing and installing the project’s complete graphics package.

The result is a stunningly colorful celebration of football, its players, and its coaches.

Stair 2nd Floor N NFL
Opening 2nd Floor E NFL

Bold Wall Graphics

MetWest lent our technical expertise to Gensler’s ambitious vision by finding the best materials to execute each ambitious wall graphic concept, including a variety of metallic wall coverings to spectacular effect.

One of the stars was a 600+ft hallway with full coverage murals featuring stunning artistic renderings of famous football players and coaches. A massive collaborative triumph, the work of many artists flows seamlessly, showcasing a large variety of styles.

Collaborating in Style

MetWest’s patented Peerhatch Dry Erase Wall Covering was a key component in the collaborative design of the workspace. The material was chosen for its non-ghosting capabilities – guaranteed to wipe clean for years without a trace of marker smudges – as well as for its customizability.

Printed with yard lines, the Peerhatch walls are able to smoothly flow with the rest of the space’s aesthetics, while remaining an incredibly functional tool as a writable surface.

Opening 3rd Floor Floating Conf NFL

Innovative Glass Graphics

Gensler’s bold vision for glass graphics included combining a variety of effects, to create unique experiences. Many of the rooms have a double-sided visual, with one image appearing while looking in and another image while looking out.

Implementing this required MetWest to develop and perfect specialized production techniques and incorporate a variety of materials. Some of the most complex rooms required the combination of 4 different production processes and 3 different materials. The result is an individualized artistic experience for each room.

An Unforgettable First Impression

The dramatic entrance lobby sets the stage for an environmental experience that only continues to outdo itself with each room. Massive custom cut frost signage and branding on the towering glass entrance greets each visitor. The interior of the lobby itself is a beautifully designed collaboration of many custom elements, including wall and glass graphics produced and installed by MetWest.


Designed by Gensler
Photos by Fotoworks©Benny Chan

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