Cloaking Film
Image showing cloaking films

How do you maintain transparency in the workplace without compromising security? Recent office design has seen a fast uptick in open glass layouts. These spaces are beautiful and are crucial to fostering open communication and collaboration in the modern workspace. However they can also be a security risk when it comes to data privacy. During meetings, sensitive information displayed on screens is in easy view of anyone who passes by. So what’s the solution?


Image of before and after cloaking films

What is Casper Cloaking Film?

Invented in 2017, Casper Cloaking Film allows you to maintain open transparency while keeping important data private. Applied to glass windows or walls, cloaking film obscures the light from LED screens inside. From the outside, the screens look blank, but everything else inside can be seen unobscured. It’s open collaboration meets confidentiality.

Combine with Decorative Glass

Film For a Stunning Finish
Cloaking film can be applied to any clear glass and can be combined with other decorative films to add beauty and branding. Installers simply apply cloaking film to one side of the glass and apply decorative film to the other side to add your logo, decorative patterns, distraction markers, or any other features you’d like.

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Image of custom modern printed window
Image of different cloaking films screens

What Devices Does Cloaking Film Work With?

Will Cloak

LED Displays 40” and Larger, Telepresence and Mediascape Units, Google Jamboard

May Cloak

OLED Displays, Small Computer Monitors, Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers, Touchscreen Computers

Won’t Cloak

Microsoft Surface Hub, Cisco Spark Board, Direct LED Displays, Passive 3D Displays, Plasma Displays, CRT Monitors and Displays, Prysm Laser Phosphorous Displays (LPDs), Smart Kapp White Boards, Traditional White Boards, Projection Devices

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