Solar Control Films

What if you could save energy, reflect heat, dramatically slow fading, lessen glare, block harmful UV rays, and increase comfort in your office… and what if we told you it was as simple as applying our film to your windows?

By choosing MetWest to install solar control window film on your building, you will enjoy all of the above benefits, plus your company can see a decrease in cooling costs of up to 30%. Solar control window films are a cost-effective alternative to replacing and upgrading windowpanes.

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Save Energy – And Money – While Keeping Cool

Solar control window film will help your business minimize rising energy costs, create a more comfortable working environment, and reduce the company carbon footprint.

By reflecting solar energy and decreasing its transmission into a room, window tinting reduces glare, heat gain, harmful UV rays, the risk of skin cancer, and energy expenses.

In addition to these benefits and delivering a carbon neutral—or even a carbon negative—solution, these films also slow fading of upholstery and furnishings.

Benefits of Solar Control Film

  • Reduce Heat Reflect the sun’s heat and keep your interior cool and comfortable
  • Reduce Glare Allow your employees to better see their screens and each other
  • Lower Energy Costs Save up to 30% in cooling costs
  • Earn LEED Credits Improve your building’s energy efficiency while earning LEED credits
  • Prevent Fading Dramatically slow fading of furniture, flooring, fabrics, artwork, and other interior furnishings


The drawback of a sunny climate is, unfortunately, high energy costs to keep your building cool and comfortable enough to work in year round. Installing solar control window film is a low cost, high return solution to keep your building energy efficient. In fact, lowering building temperatures just a few degrees can save a company up to 30% in cooling costs.

Earn LEED Credits

Not only is 3M Solar Control Film a valuable part of a cost-effective green energy-efficient strategy, it can also earn your building LEED credits. So not only are you saving money on energy costs, you are increasing the value of your property and becoming more competitive in the market. All while potentially becoming carbon neutral – or even carbon negative.

Protect Interiors

Overtime, exposure to sun causes fading of furniture, flooring, fabrics, artwork and other valuables. 3M Solar Control Film is a cost effective solution to protect you – and your tenants – interior furnishings.

Trusted By Museums

Many museums and historical sites turn to 3M Solar Control Window Film to protect their valuable and often fragile artifacts from sun damage. By blocking up to 99% of UV rays, 3M window films stop as much as 80% of fading – dramatically slowing the aging process and preserving your valuables.

Great for Retrofits

With options that are virtually imperceptible to the eye, 3M Solar Control Film is a great option when retrofitting older buildings which will preserve the historic look. It’s a cost-effective update which not only protects the interiors but also improves energy efficiency without disrupting the architecture.

Reduce Glare for The Ideal Office

Maybe your property offers tenants a great view, but windows in a sunny climate also means computer glare, eyestrain and discomfort during much of the day. Bright light bounces off monitors and turns previously pleasant offices into spaces that are impossible to work in. Solar control film significantly reduces glare while letting in natural lighting.

Payback in as Little as 3 Years

Solar film is ranked as a top tier energy conservation technology because of it’s high efficiency. It can lower interior temperatures by as much as 9°F, creating a far more comfortable environment and resulting in significantly reduced HVAC costs.

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    Free Energy and Cost Analysis

    Contact us to schedule a free energy and cost analysis for your building. A member of our team will personally visit your property to provide you with a detailed assessment of how solar control film can save you and your company in energy costs.

    Providing The Highest Quality Window Films

    Traditional Series solar films are a commercial grade window film which offers a high level of energy efficiency for your building on a budget. Our most cost effective solar film, the Traditional Series comes in a variety of tints to reject heat, reduce glare, and reduce your energy costs.


    For truly superior performance, the Prestige Series offers the highest level of protection against heat absorption. This solar control window series rejects up to 97% of infrared light to provide the ultimate level of energy savings and comfort for your building.


    Using nano-ceramic technology to reject glare and UV rays, the Ceramic Series offers a high level of heat rejection and energy savings. Because the Ceramic Series is non-metalized, it is available in a variety of natural tones for amazing clarity compared to the darker tones of other solar film options.


    The Neutral Series offers beautiful soft hues for an attractive look much desired in both commercial and residential settings. They also block a large percentage of UV rays to protect your furnishings from fading as well as reduce glare and discomfort.


    Solar Safety

    Solar safety film offers an additional level of protection on top of traditional benefits of solar film. Keep employees and visitors safe from flying glass shards during an earthquake or other natural disaster. Furthermore, it acts as an extra level of defense against rocks, bricks or other projectiles.

    Night Vision

    Enjoy a better view after dark. Night Vision films offer uniquely low interior reflectivity, which gives you greater visibility looking out, especially at night. All while providing the same high level of energy savings and heat reduction as more traditional solar film options.


    Thinsulate™ window film enhances comfort and efficiency all year by providing virtually invisible insulation.

    By providing increased insulation comparable to upgrading windows from single pane to double pane, or double pane to triple pane, Thinsulate™ window film improves comfort by keeping the warmth in during the winter, and the cool conditioned air in during the summer.


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    It is incredible just how much money solar control window film can save companies. It is also good for the environment by reducing the use of HVAC systems. Call us to get an energy and cost analysis done today to see how much you could be saving.


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    MetWest is a 3M authorized platinum dealer of commercial window film, providing clients with the highest quality window films along with outstanding customer service and expert installation, and our signature MetWest Advantage.

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