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The MetWest Advantage - do you know what you are getting

/ Do you know what you're getting

When following up on a project we frequently hear just how easy the whole process was working with Metropolitan West.


We asked ourselves – “why is that” (apart from having a good disposition), what is it that we take for granted as providing good customer service that may be missing with competitors that sets us apart from the crowd. It did not take long to compare what we offer to realize the difference is what we call the “MetWest Advantage” a 360-degree view of a project, not just its components.

So what exactly is this extra value added service that comes with a decision to use Metropolitan West?

During steps involved to get a project from conception to completion – we go a little further to offer help. We take the initiative with a proactive approach to ensure all steps are handled not just professionally, but as if we were the client and the project was for ourselves.

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We do not leave you to do all the creative, expect you to provide everything, or leave you out in the cold.

The MetWest Advantage:

We can help with your design if required. We can take your ideas, concepts, or rough sketches and create preliminary designs until you are satisfied you have found what you are looking for. If you have an image you want to use, send it to us. We will let you know how it will look when blown up, if the resolution is suitable, and can work with almost any format of image you can send.

Our designers are trained professionals with the experience needed to listen, understand, and communicate at all stages of the design process. Apart from their technical prowess behind the Adobe suite, they too know the latest trends, understand color theory, the psychology of art and design, yet are humble in their knowledge and can talk with clients regardless of the level of understanding – they are an essential part of our team.

Measuring can be difficult, especially if on a large job. Sizing is the foundation for a project as if there is a minor error, it could throw the whole project off. It is not just sizing; placement can make a world of difference to a completed project.

The MetWest Advantage:

A member of our team of estimators will visit the location and discuss the project in person. We then walk the site and listen to requirements and explain options or alternatives. We then collate accurate data for our design team. Until project completion, we check on the development process and ensure the designers are conforming to the data provided. We remain in contact and update the client at each stage of the process.

Placement can make or break a design. Fails are everywhere. We take everything into account from light switches to fire extinguishers and everything in-between to ensure the project fits into the environment. MetWest does what is needed from the start to make sure we end with not just a great completed project, but a happy satisfied client too.

Regardless of the scale of a project, be it on glass, wall, floor, ceiling or door, we never just assume we have got it right before going into production.

The MetWest Advantage:

All projects will come with a detailed elevation of the proposed plan; we then update until our client is 100% satisfied.  We regard our elevations as a communication tool – an image can say a thousand words.  We do not rush, make an assumption, nor do we ever move into production until our client is certain we have everything in place. Even if we have to make numerous revisions, we will never go into production until our client has signed off and approved everything.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to send out samples is just a small stripe of a film in its natural state, in an envelope – as most companies do.

The MetWest Advantage:

When sending out glass film samples, we apply the film to a 12” x 12” pane of glass (not plastic) so that the full effect of the application can be experienced by the recipient. We then carefully pack the sample in a sturdy box and ship out via courier service. We feel there is no other way to demonstrate the quality and application of our product than to be able to see a sizable example of a project. With Gradients, we send out 4” wide strips for the full length of the gradient for testing. For large mural wall coverings, we will also print out large areas for testing or to demonstrate and test possible trouble areas.

Some companies just print and ship and leave everything else to the installer or customer.

The MetWest Advantage:

We have a team of dedicated finishers that go over every sheet that comes off production for quality assurance, weeding, trimming, taping, backing and collation before handing over to shipping or installation team. We take the extra effort needed to ensure installation goes without a hitch. Each project includes a complete template breakdown on the application, detailing exactly where every element is to be applied and the order in which to apply it.

There is nothing more frustrating than being on a tight schedule or have an emergency and being told “we cannot help you” or “we only work 9-5” or “weekdays only.”

The MetWest Advantage:

At MetWest. we bust our own chops trying to maneuver and provide the best service when our clients’ require it. We ask “when are you available” rather than, “we are available when” in regards to scheduling. We know and understand that as a client of Metropolitan West, we should try our best to fit into your schedule rather than you fit into ours. We have been known to work through the night and at weekends to ensure a project is completed to our clients’ time requirements.

When we do install, we have an in-house team of dedicated installers who we send out into the field. As they can be the only point of contact in person our clients meet – we ensure that not only are our installers proficient and well trained in the technical aspect of installation but also understand etiquette and are courteous and respective when representing MetWest in person.

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This is not just about customer service, reputation or company image; this is about being satisfied ourselves when partnering with clients – ensuring their satisfaction with the project as a whole. This is about being part of the team, not just an outsourced component. This is about being proud to do it the MetWest way, guaranteeing completeness of quality at all stages. This is the MetWest Advantage.

Kelly Taylor, CEO




  • Screen Printing
  • Transparent and translucent colors
  • Custom textures
  • Acid etching (no need for a clear seal or laminating)
  • Design patterns to fit any decorating whim
  • Decorative window films can change the look of any location in a cost-effective manner.


  • Solar Control Heat-rejecting Protection Films reducing energy costs, at a fraction of the expense of installing solar glass.
  • Most solar films also contain 99% U. V. inhibition. Reducing fading of upholstery, painting and other fade issues.
  • Anti-Graffiti film to preserve your glass door and storefronts. Simply remove and replace at a fraction of the cost of replacing with tempered glass panes.
  • Safety and Security Films help deter smash and grab incidents saving countless dollars on lost inventory as well as insurance cost breaks.




  • Digital print signage customized just for you and your needs
  • We can apply the film on flooring to enhance the appearance and provide protection
  • Countertops looking a little worn, vinyl film with an appearance from marble to wood will solve your problem at a fraction of the cost of replacing.
  • Walls can be covered with removable wallpaper, with the added benefit of customizing with logos or customized designs where your mind is the limit of creativity.
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I enjoy working with MetWest – their products are great and the service is excellent.

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The response to my request was immediate and the quality of work was fantastic.


Judey was very accommodating and made everything happen with just a few hours notice. We called on Wednesday afternoon and got the film installed on Thursday. All around well done.

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