When following up on a project we frequently hear just how easy the whole process was working with Metropolitan West. We asked ourselves – “why is that” (apart from having a good disposition), what is it that we take for granted as providing good customer service that may be missing with competitors that sets us apart from the crowd. It did not take long to compare what we offer to realize the difference is what we call the “MetWest Advantage” a 360-degree view of a project, not just its components.

So what exactly is this extra value added service that comes with a decision to use Metropolitan West.

During steps involved to get a project from conception to completion – we go a little further to offer help. We take the initiative with a proactive approach to ensure all steps are handled not just professionally, but as if we were the client and the project was for ourselves.


“This is not just about customer service, reputation or company image; this is about being satisfied ourselves when partnering with clients – ensuring their satisfaction with the project as a whole. This is about being part of the team, not just an outsourced component. This is about being proud to do it the MetWest way, guaranteeing completeness of quality at all stages. This is the MetWest Advantage.”



Expensive architectural glass appearances such as:

  • Screen Printing
  • Transparent and translucent colors
  • Custom textures
  • Acid etching (no need for clear seal or laminating)
  • Design patterns to fit any decorating whim
  • Decorative window films can change the look of any location in a cost effective manner.

Provide energy efficient cost savings and eliminate a variety of concerns such as:

  • Solar Control Heat rejecting Protection Films reducing energy costs, at a fraction of the expense of installing solar glass.
  • Most solar films also contain 99% U. V. inhibition. Reducing fading of upholstery, painting and other fade issues.
  • Anti-Graffiti film to preserve your glass door and storefronts. Simply remove and replace at a fraction of the cost of replacing with tempered glass panes.
  • Safety and Security Films help deter smash and grab incidents saving countless dollars on lost inventory as well as insurance cost breaks.

What else can Metropolitan West do for you?  We can:

  • Digital print signage customized just for you and your needs
  • We can apply film on flooring to enhance the appearance and provide protection
  • Counter tops looking a little worn, vinyl film with appearance form marble to wood will solve your problem at a fraction of the cost of replacing.
  • Walls can be covered with removable wallpaper, with the added benefit of customizing with logos or customized designs where your mind is the limit of creativity.