AIA Course

Whether to control daylight, project occupants or provide eye-catching design, architectural surfacing materials are a great addition to any project. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss a wide variety of architectural surfacing materials. Participants will discover the many benefits of solar control window films, safety and security films, and other architectural surfacing materials that can be used in any application to increase sustainability, safety, and design, as well as comply with Leed v4.1 requirements.


PROVIDED BY: Metropolitan West
DESIGN CATEGORY: (OB) Doors, Windows and Openings

Identify the sustainable benefits of solar control window films, such as increased energy savings that can help projects apply for LEED v4.1 category credits.

Describe how safety and security window films help protect occupants against the hazards of shattered glass in the event of an emergency.

Illustrate how to install distraction markers on transparent glass walls, doors, and sidelites in order to comply with code requirements and decrease injuries.

Evaluate architectural surfacing materials for performance characteristics such as emissions, material ingredients, and durability, as set forth in LEED v4.1

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