A building wrap is the large-scale application of vinyl or film on the exterior of a building. Depending on the desired look, they can cover portions or the entirety of the façade. While these can be very simple tinted black or blue films to create a uniformly updated appearance, they are also an incredible opportunity for graphics. With custom-printed film, you are easily able to transform your façade with colorful graphics, contemporary patterns, detailed murals, or bold typography. It is an incredible tool for turning any building into an eye-catching piece of art.


  • Painted Facade and Mullions
  • Custom Printed Graphics on Spandrel Glass
  • Custom Printed Graphics on Exterior Glass


Some common issues include an irregular appearance due to blinds or curtains. Tinted glass used in older architecture often looks outdated and uneven as time passes. The problem is an uneven and dated look.


Large scale film application results in an even appearance. Even the application of simple colored film designs create a uniform and updated appearance. For a truly showstopping transformation, the most dramatic exterior wraps include custom printed graphics. With sky-high images, this is the ultimate branding and advertising solution. Our transformation is not limited to just the glass it also includes the Mullions ensuring total refresh.


If your property is starting to look a little worn or out of date, then an exterior building wrap is the solution you need. With the simple application of films, wraps dramatically transform your property without the painstaking cost and downtime of construction. Whether you want a simple refresh for an older facade, or sky-high graphics for a striking branded look, we have a solution for you. Tinted window film wraps create a consistent and modern appearance, while custom vinyl graphic wraps turn any building into a work of art (and advertising).  Installation is simple and can be finished without disturbing tenants or requiring costly material replacements of your glass.

Increase positive attention

Instantly enhance the exterior appearance, creating a uniform and contemporary look.


Replacing glass can quickly rack up a multi-million dollar bill. Choosing to wrap creates the same WOWifiction at a fraction of the costs.

Improve Tenant Retention

Modernize with building wraps to improve curb appeal and become more competitive in the market. Building wraps install without inconveniencing tenants or interrupting daily operations.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce the costly waste of putting 1000s of lbs of glass in landfills from replacement as well as the significant reduction of energy usage.


Custom printed exterior window film and vinyl wraps allow you to transform the entire facade of your building into an incredible branding opportunity. Building graphics beautify your property and cause it to dramatically stand out from its neighbors. There is no more surefire way to grab attention from all passersby.
In these times especially, attracting new tenants in the commercial real estate market requires property managers to go above and beyond. Marketing wraps offer a cutting edge advantage over your competitors. Give your tenant the opportunity to display their brand and advertising on a sky-high surface. Custom exterior building wraps are an innovative and unique marketing tool that very few property managers offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors while offering incredible value to tenants.

Retailers have long taken advantage of the street-facing space for elaborate displays and best marketing campaigns. For corporate buildings that aren’t trying to invite the casual passerby inside, this space is largely ignored. Most offices will place a single sign and otherwise their building will blend in with the dozen other businesses on their street.

What a wasted opportunity! If you’ve invested in a physical space for your company, make it work for you in every way possible. Your potential clientele is driving past your building every day. You have an excellent chance to communicate with them. And building high graphics catch far more attention than a magazine ad.

It’s a powerful and unique messaging strategy that will not be soon forgotten by anyone who sees it.

First impressions are everything, and the appearance of your business plays a big part in that. If your building is a little older, a graphical wrap can instantly modernize your façade without the expensive and time-consuming structural changes that a refresh can usually entail. Even a simple vinyl wrap improves a visitor’s experience by providing a nicer and more professional welcome. A well-designed graphical wrap can make an awe-inspiring and unforgettable first impression. Even if you do not have clients visiting you regularly, the exterior look of your building still matters. When attracting top talent to hire, you want to assure them of your company’s excellent reputation. This is doubly important if you are trying to entice office workers away from remote work opportunities. Interviewing in a bland and anonymous office doesn’t do you any favors in a competitive hiring situation.
If you’re planning to sell, or simply considering the long-term value of your property, curb appeal is probably top of mind. Landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and small repairs are common strategies of most property owners. And certainly effective! But for transformational power, it is hard to beat a vinyl wrap for bang for your buck. An exterior wrap can make a structure look like an entirely new building without any additional construction. Most improvements for raising curb appeal quickly are spot fixes – small changes to small portions of the property that come together for an overall refreshed look. A building wrap is a single solution to immediately improve the entirety of your structure. Graphical components can create a design-forward contemporary façade, even if the underlying structure is fairly dated.


Ensure tenants are happy by updating to a modern exterior without disturbing their operations with major renovations. Furthermore, keep interiors cool without blasting the A/C to create a comfortable environment for tenants.
Looking to sell? Building wraps are an easy way to dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal without high costs.
Whether your objective is to enhance your building’s appearance, attract and retain tenants, increase Net Operating Income (NOI) and/or enable higher lease rates, the affordable solution is a MetWest Building Wrap. A modern finished look isn’t just for pedestrians to admire. It makes your building more valuable. If you’re looking to sell, building wraps are a great way to quickly revamp without costly renovations. Even the most basic exterior wraps can instantly make your property look 10 years newer. If your building isn’t on the market, an exterior wrap helps you stay competitive. Keeping your property modernized is vital in order to attract and retain tenants. It shows your commitment to maintaining an environment your occupants will be proud of for years to come. Furthermore, cost-effective updates keep your property competitive in the local market. Unique curb appeal is a valuable feature for potential tenants. A beautiful facade vinyl wrap immediately differentiates your property from other options.


Replacing exterior glass on a large building is not only incredibly expensive, it also has a large environmental impact. Tons of glass end up in landfills while large quantities of raw materials require processing to create new glass. When it’s time to update, choosing to wrap instead of replacing glass allows you to modernize without the waste.

A Design Team That Makes the Process Easy

Interested in a custom design but don’t have an artist on staff? No problem! Our professional design team can take your concept and create artwork that matches your vision. We will work with you to bring your idea to life, incorporating your feedback until the result is just what you imagined.

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