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Enhance glass walls and windows with stunning decorative films, adding privacy and branding to your workspace. MetWest’s decorative glass film can turn your standard office windows and glass walls into works of art. Choose from our selection of classic and modern stock films, or work with our designers to create a custom design that complements your space and highlights the unique features of your business.

An Important Note for Designers

Please note that while many of the designs on this page are available for clients to use in their space, due to size limitations some may not be appropriate for every size wall, especially in larger spaces. We are committed to only providing high quality custom prints, and if necessary can help source a similar image that will work for the dimensions of your unique space. Otherwise, we invite you to use this page as a starting point for your own creativity to run wild!


Arched Interior

Greenery Gradient

Halftone Gradient


Sunset Gradients