Preserving your safety while harnessing the sun's radiant power

Modernize the look of your building while saving energy, reflecting heat, dramatically slowing fading, reducing glare, blocking harmful UV rays, and increasing comfort in your office-all by simply wrapping your building with solar control film.

MetWest is a 3M authorized platinum dealer of commercial window film, providing clients with the highest quality window films along with outstanding customer service and expert installation, and our signature MetWest Advantage.


Traditional Series solar films are a window film which offers a high level of energy efficiency for your building on a budget. Our most cost effective solar film, the Traditional Series comes in a variety of tints to reject heat, reduce glare, and reduce your energy costs.


For truly superior performance, the Prestige Series offers the highest level of protection against heat absorption. This solar control window series rejects up to 97% of infrared light to provide the ultimate level of energy savings and comfort for your building.

Solar Safety

Combine the many benefits of solar film with the security of safety film. Protect from injury due to glass shards, defend against intruders and vandalism – all while rejecting heat and saving energy.

Night Vision

Solar Control Films are designed to provide exceptional visibility when it’s dark, while also offering significant energy-saving advantages.


Solar control window film can aid your business in curtailing escalating energy expenses, fostering a more conducive work atmosphere, and diminishing the organization’s environmental impact. By reflecting solar energy and decreasing its transmission into a room, window tinting reduces glare, heat gain, harmful UV rays, the risk of skin cancer, and energy expenses. In addition to these benefits and delivering a carbon neutral—or even a carbon negative—solution, these films also slow fading of upholstery and furnishings.


  • Reduce Heat
Reflect the sun’s heat and keep your interior cool and comfortable
  • Reduce Glare
Allow your employees to better see their screens and each other
  • Lower Energy Costs
Save up to 30% in cooling costs
  • Earn LEED Credits
Improve your building’s energy efficiency while earning LEED credits
  • Prevent Fading
Dramatically slow fading of furniture, flooring, fabrics, artwork, and other interior furnishings


Contact us to schedule a free energy and cost analysis for your building. A member of our team will personally visit your property to provide you with a detailed assessment of how solar control film can save you and your company in energy costs.

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