If your property shows signs of age or obsolescence, you should consider an exterior building wrap. Applying these wraps can significantly transform your property, saving you the high costs and disruptions that come with construction. Whether you want to subtly update an old facade or introduce bold, large-scale graphics for a unique brand identity, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Increase positive attention

Instantly enhance the exterior appearance, creating a uniform and contemporary look with Metwest building wraps.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce the costly waste of putting 1000s of lbs of glass in landfills from replacement as well as the significant reduction of energy usage.


Replacing glass can quickly rack up a multi-million dollar bill. Choosing to wrap creates the same WOWifiction at a fraction of the costs.

Custom Graphic Wraps

With custom-printed film, you are easily able to transform your façade with colorful graphics, contemporary patterns, detailed murals, or bold typography. It is an incredible tool for turning any building into an eye-catching piece of art.

Solar Control Films

By choosing MetWest to install solar control window film on your building, you will enjoy all of the above benefits, your company can see a decrease in cooling costs of up to 30%. Solar control window films are a cost-effective alternative to replacing and upgrading windowpanes.


The Future, Wrapped

At MetWest, we envision a future where each building represents innovation, sustainability, and creativity.


We are committed to transforming spaces through inventive and precise building wrap solutions. As leaders in this field, our work goes beyond merely covering structures; we aim to reveal the potential of the future.

A Design Team That Makes the Process Easy

Interested in a custom design but don’t have an artist on staff? No problem! Our professional design team can take your concept and create artwork that matches your vision. We will work with you to bring your idea to life, incorporating your feedback until the result is just what you imagined.

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