Elegance in Every Pane

MetWest provides a range of high-quality glass films. From artistic Decorative Films and privacy-enhancing Gradient Films to professional Distraction Markers and Custom Bands, our offerings cater to all needs. Our Film Studio allows for unique customization. MetWest: Transforming spaces, one glass pane at a time.

Decorative Excellence

MetWest's Decorative and Gradient Films do more than merely cover glass; they serve as catalysts for space transformation, converting each piece of glass into an exquisite masterpiece that elevates the aesthetic appeal of interiors.


MetWest's focus extends beyond aesthetics to safety. Our Distraction Markers, Custom Bands are designed to prevent accidental collisions and provide privacy and visual security.

Unwavering Quality

Every MetWest product is a testament to our dedication to quality. Crafted from the best materials, our glass films ensure superior performance, durability, and longevity, offering you a product that stands strong over time.

decorative glass films

Enhance glass walls and windows with stunning decorative films, adding privacy and branding to your workspace. MetWest’s decorative glass film can turn your standard office windows and glass walls into works of art. Choose from our selection of classic and modern stock films, or work with our designers to create a custom design that complements your space and highlights the unique features of your branding.

gradient glass films

Elevate the look of any glass surface with MetWest’s gradient film. This film is designed to create a bespoke work of art on any glass surface, while also providing controlled light transmission and privacy. With MetWest, the possibilities are endless as the gradient glass film is completely custom and made to order without the usual limitations. No matter what size, opacity, color, pattern, image, or direction you want, MetWest can create it for you.

Distraction Markers films

Our Distraction Markers and Custom Bands deliver an array of safety solutions while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your environment. Distraction markers are a vital safety element, alerting people to the existence of glass while lending an air of refinement to your space. If you’re seeking a balance of partial privacy while preserving natural light and spaciousness, our custom bands are the go-to choice for commercial and office settings.

A Design Team That Makes the Process Easy

Interested in a custom design but don’t have an artist on staff? No problem! Our professional design team can take your concept and create artwork that matches your vision. We will work with you to bring your idea to life, incorporating your feedback until the result is just what you imagined.

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