Occidental Petroleum Building

Restore History with MetWest’s Exterior Update of Occidental Petroleum Building.

MetWest was tasked with updating the exterior of the historic Occidental Petroleum Building located in the heart of Los Angeles. Designed by master architect Claud Beelman, the building is a prime example of Corporate International commercial architecture in Westwood. The original building, constructed in 1962, was in need of an update to restore it to its full glory. The glass was detracting from the building’s overall appearance, with an uneven appearance due to blinds or curtains behind some windows and open space behind others – all in full view. The result was a mismatched and multicolored look.

MetWest’s solution was to apply large-scale film to the exterior windows to create a uniform and updated appearance. The solar film not only had a significant impact on the building’s overall appearance but also resulted in huge energy savings. As an office building located in the heart of LA, the building was subject to extremely hot and long summers, resulting in high HVAC costs.

The solar film reduces heat gain and keeps interiors cool, saving on cooling costs. It also offers protection to interior furnishings from fading due to sun exposure. The result is a beautifully updated building that exemplifies Claud Beelman’s use of white marble with polished metal, while also being an excellent example of historic modern architecture in LA.

The Occidental Petroleum Building is a stunning example of how historic architecture can be restored and updated for modern use while preserving its original design aesthetic.

A Historic Restoration Success with MetWest

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Tackling Complex Building Architecture with Ease

Expert Installation by MetWest

At MetWest, we handle complex building wraps with ease, using our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to navigate the intricate architecture of buildings. We carefully precut all materials to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process, taking into account varying depths, nine rows of glass, and five floors of buildings. 


Our skilled team uses both a swing stage and boom lift to maneuver around the building’s unique features, ensuring a precise and accurate installation. With MetWest’s expert team at the helm, the tricky installation process is made easy, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching exterior refresh that stands out on the bustling S Harbor Blvd in Santa Ana.

Transform Your Building with Large-Scale Window Film

MetWest's solution to updating the Occidental Petroleum Building was to apply large-scale film to the exterior windows, resulting in a uniform and updated appearance. The solar film also offers energy savings and interior protection from sun exposure.

Energy-Efficient Window Film Installation

Window film installation at the Occidental Petroleum Building not only resulted in a modern and uniform appearance but also significant energy savings. The solar film reduces heat gain and cooling costs while protecting interior furnishings from fading due to sun exposure.

Transform Your Building's Appearance with Window Film

The Occidental Petroleum Building's original glass created a mismatched and multicolored look that detracted from its overall appearance. MetWest's window film installation provided a modern and uniform update while also offering energy savings and interior protection.