MetWest’s Custom Graphics Bring Life to Two RealD Locations

RealD is the world’s leading 3D cinema platform and named “Most Innovative Company” 3 times by Fast Company – this is all to say that when designing for their locations in Boulder, Colorado and Beverly Hills, California, innovation and excitement were of utmost importance. This started with the complex and sometimes seemingly gravity defying structural elements of the interior architecture, and continued with the wall and glass graphics in the space.

The visual star of the Boulder, Colorado space is the massive two story mural featuring a massive eye with the world at its center. The production and installation of the wall graphic was extremely challenging as had to align over walls of varying depths, a mezzanine, and ceiling. 

Broken out over many surfaces, MetWest nevertheless with careful planning achieved a final installation that was perfectly aligned to create and an awe-inspiring first impression to anyone who entered the lobby. The graphic exemplified the visual magic that RealD holds at the heart of their company values.


In the Beverly Hills space, MetWest installed a series of additional custom printed wall graphics and glass graphics featuring abstract and dynamic geometric patterns. These played off of the existing interior architecture to add movement and depth to even the flat surfaces in the space.

Transforming RealD’s Surfaces with Custom Graphics

RealD’s workspaces were redesigned to incorporate innovative elements, including custom wall and glass graphics with a massive two-story mural and abstract patterns.

Story Wall Graphic
Innovation Meets Visual Magic: RealD's Redesigned HQ

Innovation and excitement in the redesign of RealD's headquarters, with a focus on incorporating visually striking elements like the massive two-story mural with a world at its center.

Awe-Inspiring First Impressions: RealD's Two-Story Mural

The two-story mural at the entrance of RealD's headquarters, emphasizing its challenging production and installation and its ability to exemplify the company's core values.

Transforming Flat Surfaces with Abstract Graphics

Custom printed wall and glass graphics featuring abstract and dynamic geometric patterns, which added movement to the flat surfaces in the space and played off the existing interior architecture