3 Benefits of Decorative Distraction Markers

3 Benefits of Decorative Distraction Markers

3 Benefits of Decorative Distraction Markers

The 3 most dangerous jobs in America are logger, fishing worker, and aircraft pilot. You might not be out on the water in the storm, or dodging falling trees – but injuries in the average office is more common than you might think. In fact, the modern workspace has gotten even riskier in past years. The two biggest dangers for the average office worker? Cell phones and glass walls.

Doesn’t sound particularly scary, I know. But distracted walking is a big problem since the advent of cell phones. Who hasn’t gone on their way while staring down at their phone or quickly googling a good lunch spot? There are plenty of videos online of unfortunate pedestrians engrossed in their phones tripping over a curb or walking into a wall. And sure, it can be pretty goofy. But people who text while walking are 60% more likely to be injured than non-texters. We’re not just talking about a bruised ego. Bruises, sprains, and even broken bones are unfortunately common. And with glass walls found more and more in modern office design, distracted walkers are more likely than ever to have a collision.

So, what’s the solution? Our answer is decorative distraction safety markers. These custom window film markers have been installed by a growing number of businesses as a safety measure for their employees. Here’s a glance at a few of the benefits of decorative distraction safety markers:

1.  Safety

This first benefit should come as no surprise. Glass walls have become an extremely popular feature in workspaces. They look modern, they help create a more transparent work culture, and they’re a great solution for making a small space look larger.

Unfortunately, the danger of someone walking into a clear wall in front of them is always there – especially if they’re chatting with a coworker or distracted by their phone. If they’re lucky, this just means a bit embarrassing, but it can just as easily result in a broken nose or expensive damage to the glass. We frequently get rush orders for distraction markers for a new office – after an unlucky employee has gotten first aid.

Don’t wait for the worst before taking action to make your workspace safer. Depending on the city or state you’re in, it might even be a code requirement! Even if it’s not required by code, distraction markers are still an ethical and practical way to protect your employees and your clients.

2.  Privacy

Clear glass walls might look beautiful in your space, but they have almost no privacy. Open office spaces were loved as an alternative to claustrophobic cubicles, and they definitely have their advantages (plus they just looked really cool). But they also mean a lot more anxiety and productivity-killing stress for workers. Most human beings need some privacy for at least part of their workday to focus.

Adding decorative distraction markers can add just enough privacy to any area without completely blocking off the glass office. It’s the best of both worlds. You keep the light and spacious floor plan of glass-walled offices without that “fish-bowl effect” glass spaces can often have.

3.  Branding

Top companies understand how important environmental branding is for their business. It helps create a strong identity for their company, motivates employees and creates a sense of community, and has a high impact on visiting clients.

Your business is more than an anonymous office! So, make it your own. Using your logo as a decorative distraction marker serves as a clever branding opportunity. Plus, it makes your workspace safer at the same time. The physical headquarters of a company should reflect its core values and identity. Custom cut logos are an easy way to do this, but other custom design elements can be used. Not only are you creating a professional and sophisticated look for your business, but you are also livening up a boring glass wall with some striking decoration.

To Conclude

Although there are many benefits to distraction markers, their greatest value is as an important safety tool for you and your business. The rest is just the cherry on top! Interested in installing distraction markers in your workspace? Contact Metropolitan West today to get started!

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