3 Creative Gradient Film Projects: Transforming Spaces with Unique Installations

3 Creative Gradient Film Projects: Transforming Spaces with Unique Installations

When it comes to gradient film, most of us are familiar with the classic choice of white fades. These timeless designs have their own elegance, but there’s a world of untapped creative potential waiting to be explored beyond the conventional. Welcome to the realm of custom gradient film installations, where the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


The Canvas of Custom Gradients


Custom gradient film is your canvas, and the only limit is your creativity. Want to explore a palette of colors that evoke specific emotions or align with your brand identity? You can. Interested in experimenting with different fade directions to create dynamic visual effects? It’s at your fingertips. Dreaming of incorporating intricate patterns or eye-catching graphics into your gradient film design? The choice is yours. Better yet, why not combine these elements to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that defies convention?


In this blog, we’ll dive into three remarkable projects that showcase the transformative power of custom gradient film installations.

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NFL Los Angeles: Elevating Aesthetics with Gradient Film


The NFL Los Angeles project presented an exciting opportunity to experiment with gradient film in a unique context. The conference room, situated on an overlook, offered a prominent position in full view of major walkways and the bustling lobby area, making it an ideal canvas for an artistic design. Interestingly, privacy was not a primary concern, providing the design team with valuable creative flexibility. As a result, the chosen gradient film remained exceptionally transparent, prioritizing aesthetics and visual impact.


The culmination of this creative endeavor was a captivating design featuring a printed red gradient fade. What truly set this project apart were the strategically incorporated yardline graphics, which served as engaging reveals within the gradient. The infusion of vibrant color not only enlivened the space but also injected a palpable sense of energy into the meeting room. Furthermore, the yardline graphics weren’t confined to this glass room alone; they emerged as a recurring motif throughout the NFL building, even adorning writable walls. This thoughtful graphic choice effectively connected the window film design with the overarching design narrative of putting “football first” throughout the entire space.

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Amare: Balancing Branding and Privacy with Gradient Film


This particular project revolved around the enhancement of two conference rooms through the strategic use of gradient film. The project’s primary objectives were twofold: to strike a balance between providing partial privacy and showcasing the company’s branding. The challenge lay in the fact that the glass walls of these conference rooms directly faced the lobby, often making them visible to visitors, including esteemed clients and potential investors. Therefore, the design needed to accomplish two crucial goals: create an aesthetically pleasing installation that left a strong first impression and ensure sufficient privacy to allow employees to conduct meetings without being disrupted by the frequent passersby.


Both conference rooms underwent a transformative makeover featuring a captivating deep purple gradient. This choice not only harmonized with the company’s brand color but also added depth and vibrancy to the wood-heavy interior. Branding played a pivotal role in the project, requiring the gradients to uniquely reflect the company’s identity as a wellness brand. One of the rooms incorporated typographic clear reveals of the company’s core values, such as “INTEGRITY,” effectively instilling the company’s ethos into the space. In contrast, the other room showcased a print of the company logo alongside its mission statement, reinforcing its brand message. The result of this thoughtful design not only addressed the privacy concerns but also created a stunning brand centerpiece within the space, leaving a lasting and positive impression on all who entered.

Girl Scouts: A Playful Twist on Classic Gradient Film


The Girl Scouts project brought a touch of creativity to the tried-and-true classic of white gradient film. While adhering to the standard white print as the foundation, the project introduced a unique twist that set it apart. At the heart of the design lay a small center-out white gradient fade, providing a subtle and elegant backdrop. The gradient itself was intentionally kept highly transparent, allowing for an airy and open feel within the space. However, the project took an innovative turn by incorporating a pattern overlay to serve a dual purpose—enhanced privacy and branding.


This overlay featured white opaque prints of the iconic Girl Scout logo, strategically scattered with a few clear logo reveals. The result was a visually captivating effect where the varying opacities of the pattern added depth and intrigue to the overall design. Although the color palette remained simple, the interplay of transparency and opacity created an engaging visual experience. In the end, the project successfully breathed new life into a classic concept, offering a fun and branded twist that perfectly suited the Girl Scouts’ meeting space, making it both functional and visually engaging.

Your Gradient Film Journey Begins


In the realm of interior design and architectural aesthetics, gradient film installations have emerged as an exciting frontier of creativity. The three projects we’ve explored in this blog are just a glimpse of what’s possible when you dare to think beyond the conventional and embrace the full potential of custom gradient film.


So, if you’re feeling inspired and ready to embark on your own custom gradient project, we encourage you to take the first step. Whether you envision a vibrant burst of color, intricate patterns, or a unique fusion of elements, your vision can become a reality with the expertise and capabilities of MetWest. Get started on your own custom gradient project today. Contact MetWest, and let us help you turn your creative vision into a stunning and memorable reality.

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