4 Ways to Get Creative With Gradient Film

4 Ways to Get Creative With Gradient Film

Venturing out from classic white gradients? In that case – congrats! There’s a lot more you can do with gradients than most people realize. Although they are a lovely functional privacy film, they are a great opportunity to liven up your office design in a more unique way too. If you’re not a fan of standard and want to get creative, we have some great ideas. With custom printing, the sky’s the limit for what your gradient can do. Check out 4 ways to get creative with gradient window film:

1. Unusual Gradient Directions:

Privacy for Piping not People

Almost without exception, off the shelf gradients come in two categories: a bottom up fade or a center out fade. This makes sense given that most gradients are installed to create privacy in an office space. Therefore, gradient films are created to give the most opacity at sitting/computer height and provide transparency above and below where privacy is less of an issue.  However, for spaces with an unusual privacy need or where aesthetics are the goal, custom film gradients offer a variety of directional options.

In some instances, the goal is to hide unsightly architectural features. And by that, 9 out of 10 times I mean pipes and vents. Although hopefully your interior architecture hides the most unsightly of necessary features, that isn’t always possible. Or perhaps the original owner preferred the industrial look of exposed pipes and vents, but that just doesn’t fly with your business’ aesthetic. Rather than disrupt operations (and blow your budget) with extensive construction, a gradient glass film can be a creative way to hide unsightly piping from visitors. A gradient film that is opaque at the ceiling or on the right or left side of the glass has been used by past clients to achieve this.

2. Unusual Gradient Directions:

Do It For the Aesthetic

It’s ok, sometimes you can just do something because it looks cool. Gradient films are typically used to provide privacy, but aside from their functionality they are a beautiful feature for any space. If you’re installing gradients as a primarily decorative feature, then you have a lot more flexibility with the design. A diagonal or horizontal film gradient can create a noteworthy feature in your office. Or be even more bold and try a radial gradient film.

3. Patterned Gradients

At its basic level, a gradient is a transition. In privacy film, it usually refers to a transition from opaque to transparent, and the hallmark of a great classic gradient is the subtlety of the transition. A traditional gradient film disappears gradually to create a smooth fade. But that’s not the only option.

A stepped transition uses geometric shapes to create a more defined transition. Once example of this is a thick band which offers a lot of privacy transitioning to increasingly smaller bands and larger spaces between to reveal more of the room behind the glass. It is still a transition from an opaque to a transparent film.

Film bands, or stripes, are the easiest way to achieve this, but there are many other options. Halftone gradients use circles or squares that decrease in size to create a printed fade are another common choice. Gradients of this type can be created with any type of shape – triangles or hexagons, even logos for a personal branded touch.

4. Creating Colorful Gradients

When it comes to glass film gradients, white is classic. In fact, among off-the-shelf gradient options you’ll be hard-pressed to find an option that isn’t white. It’s an easy sell after all. Unobtrusive and elegant, it goes with any and all existing décor. Perfect for a stock offer.

When you custom print per order however, you can print a color gradient film to fit perfectly with its surroundings. Match a paint color, a brand color, or furniture color scheme with precision. Fade out a single color or transition between 2 or more colors for an even more dynamic gradient film effect.

Now that we’ve covered that you can do color, the question is, should you? White is wonderful for a simple privacy solution, but it’s not the best choice when you want to make a statement. If creative interior design is your primary concern, a colorful gradient can complement the rest of the furnishings or add a bold and vivid focal point for a space.

If branding is your goal, a gradient film in your brand colors is another step away from generic office to the unique space of your company. Environmental branding is much more than simply adding your logo. It’s these more subtle touches that add up to a very curated experience for visitors and employees. 

Opening 3rd Floor Floating Conf NFL

Ready to Get Started?

Feeling inspired? We hope one or more of these ideas struck a chord with you. With a little creativity, a gradient film can transform from a simple privacy feature to a stunning showpiece in your space. If you have an idea, but need some help getting the design to it’s final form, we’re here for you! Our team of designers are happy to work with you to make you vision a reality. Get in touch today!

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