Floor Decals: Marketing on Another Level

Floor Decals: Marketing on Another Level

You want your brand to be where people can see it. And these days, with their eyes glued to their smartphones, people are looking down. It’s no wonder floor decals marketing has proven to be a sure way to catch their attention.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss floor graphics and how they can be a great tool for marketing and branding or an amazing piece of décor.

Floor Decals: Marketing, Branding and Great Design

An average American spends about 24 hours a week online, including the time we spend staring at our phone screens. It’s common to see people eating, commuting, walking – or doing anything else, all while staring at their phones.

Love it or hate it, but don’t hesitate to use it for marketing. If your potential customer is looking down, that’s a good place for your ads. You will probably want to brainstorm some floor sticker ideas, but we’ll give you some popular ones to spark inspiration.

Floor Decal Marketing Ideas


This is a very common use of floor graphics for advertisement. For example, little colorful footsteps could lead to a toy store. Paw prints could show a path to a pet store. A brick path or large yellows could be a way to a promotional event.

Let customers follow the footprints and guide them to your business.

Smart placement

It’s a good idea to start with thinking about where you want to put your floor graphics. For instance, waiting areas are always a great location. People get bored and don’t have much to look at (except their phones, that is)

A great example is a concept created by a low-cost airline hix.com. They’ve placed a decal on the floor next to the seats at the Hannover airport boarding area. As travelers sit down, they find themselves with their feet on life-size skies pictured on the sticker. On the top of the sticker is a low airfare price to Austria – a country with some amazing ski-resorts.

Clever, isn’t it? Floor decals are simple and inexpensive but present limitless opportunities for marketing.

3D Floor Stickers

Graphics that use perspective to create a 3D effect never fail to attract attention. Create a hole in the floor or a portal into a different dimension – let your imagination run free. When used right, such graphics are a great way to catch your customer’s eye.

Not to mention, many people like to take pictures in front of 3D floor decals – which takes us to our next point.

Selfie-Worthy Floor Graphics

We don’t use our phones only for calling and texting anymore. For an average person these days it’s almost a habit to take pictures of things they find funny or interesting and share them on social media.

Social media is where you most likely want to be to show your product. And floor graphics marketing can get you there!

You can even add a branded hashtag to your decal to make your floor graphics a part of your social media campaign.

Floor Graphics for Branding

Branding is important not only in your advertising or where the customers see you. Even your office should reflect your brand and its values.

Creating floor graphics with your company’s logo is an affordable and stylish way to brand your office. Plus, you could add your slogan, mission statement, and some inspirational quotes to boost your employee morale.

Floor Decals and Creative Freedom

One of the best things about floor decals is the creative freedom they give you. You can choose any image and have your floor graphics cut to any size and shape. If you want, you can even cover the entire floor and have an affordable alternative of wood or marble floors.

Does it sound like something your space could use? If it does, we will be happy to hear from you! Metropolitan West offers innovative Surface Imaging film that combines versatility, technology, and appealing design

No matter what you want to achieve, our in-house digital printing services can translate your ideas onto your floor. Contact us today and tell us about your concept. We are looking forward to working with you!

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