Signage for Business: 4 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Signage for Business: 4 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Why is signage important for your business? As you might know, it has the power of catching customer’s eyes and affecting their decision on whether to walk into a store. It also has the power of making them pass it by.

But there’s more to signage than simply attracting customer’s attention. Proper signage is important for any type of business, not only retail and restaurants. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss signage for business and why it’s important.

Reasons Why Signage for Business Is Important

  1. Signage is Effective Advertising
  2. Wayfinding is Necessary for Many Types of Buildings
  3. Signage Can Be Great for Branding
  4. Signs Can Improve Design

Signage is Effective Advertising

One of the most obvious benefits of signage for business is its ability to attract attention. At the same time, it informs a potential customer about products or services the business offers.

Signs bring in new customers, and it’s a fact. For example, did you know that signs attract 50% of a start-up business’ new customers? Moreover, 35% of customers learn about local businesses when they see them while passing.
In comparison, only 10% know about local startups from advertisement.

If you also consider the costs of newspaper and TV ads, signage is a much better deal. You can reach more potential customers for a fraction of the price.

Wayfinding Is Necessary for Many Types of Buildings

Signage for business is much more than a form of onsite advertising. Also, wayfinding is more than directional signage… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Without a doubt, directional signage is essential, too. It helps your clients navigate your building, guiding them from point A to point B. It’s crucial for such environments as hotels, airports, hospitals, and other
public spaces to have a good system of wayfinding.

However, it’s also necessary for other types of buildings. For example, large office buildings aren’t always easy to navigate. That’s why it’s critical that they have a successful signage system to help people find their

Wayfinding helps to avoid the stress of spending time trying to get to the destination. Think of all the times you missed your exit or were late for an appointment because you didn’t know where to go. A well-thought wayfinding
system ensures such situations don’t happen.

While assisting clients and customers with directions, signage also plays a role in brand identity. When they see your signs, they instantly know what brand these signs belong to.

This takes us to the next reason why signage is important for business.

Signage Can Be Great for Branding

Of course, the priority for wayfinding is helping customers and clients navigate. However, you might also want to consider connecting your brand to your wayfinding signage.

Branded signage can enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers. If you add some personality to the signs, infuse humor, or add other branded elements. It will make your wayfinding signs not only helpful but also memorable.

Branding your signs creates a different, better kind of experience for your clients. A better experience always makes people want to come back.

Signs Can Improve Design

You can create any kind of signs of any shape and color. Plus, you can place them anywhere – on your walls, doors, floor, you name it. So why don’t you make signage a part of your interior design?

Details matter. What is design but a sum of details? Signage can be that extra step that takes the design of your space to a new level. Considering all other benefits, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Signage for Business: Why You Need It

Signage is an effective and affordable form of advertisement, but it’s much more than that. It helps your clients and customers navigate using wayfinding signs, making their experience better. It connects to your brand, creating an impression that helps you stand out. Besides, it has the potential to look amazing.

If you’re interested in wayfinding and signage for business, Metropolitan West will be happy to help you. We will lead your signage project all the way from design to installation. With years of experience and commitment to providing the highest quality service, we will make sure you get the signage that works best for your business.

Having been on both sides of the table, we understand your needs and expectations. Contact us today and let’s talk about what signage can do for your business. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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