What is Privacy Window Film and Why Your Office Needs it ASAP

What is Privacy Window Film and Why Your Office Needs it ASAP

What is privacy window film? How exactly does it protect privacy in your office and why should you consider installing it as soon as possible?

Read this blog post to find answers to these questions… and a couple of horror stories about privacy you wouldn’t want to happen in your company.

What is Privacy Window Film?

Technically, privacy window film is not only for windows. It’s a decorative glass film you can apply to any glass surface, including doors and glass panels.

Besides protecting privacy, this type of glass film serves a decorative purpose. You can choose any color or pattern and even create an ombre effect. But, let’s get back to the main question: how does privacy film protect
your business?

Data Privacy Protection

Many offices use glass partition walls as they create transparency and a clean modern look. However, they also create a privacy problem.

In this day and age, we rely on technology and are surrounded by screens. In the office, our computer screens and monitors often display work-related sensitive information. This information can be easily stolen unless necessary precautions are in place.

Privacy window film protects information on the screens, papers, and whiteboards from the prying eyes. If a potential data thief tries to see through the glass walls of your meeting room, the film will prevent him
or her from snooping.

As far as privacy goes, glass walls are an obvious sensitive spot, but it’s not the only one.

Remember we’ve mentioned horror stories? It’s time for the first one.

Protection for Glass Stairs

Glass stairs look beautiful. However, the following story involving glass stairs had us in the client’s office in Culver City 14 hours after we got their call. Our crew got there at five in the morning and installed privacy film on 27 glass panel risers on the stairway.

What was the rush?

We had to save privacy as soon as possible. The glass on the stairs allowed viewing up skirts by people below.

Luckily, our crew of installers finished the job in a matter of hours, restoring privacy and preventing many awkward or outright creepy situations.

Protection for Ceilings

Here’s another horror story. A large profile company had a war room where the employees worked on the most important project. One day one of them noticed a drone flying overhead, taking pictures through the office skylights.

That was very, very bad news. There was a lot of sensitive information involved in the projects and public leaks would cause great damage to the company. Therefore, it was crucial to solve the privacy problem before it was too late.

We installed privacy window film on the skylights preventing any further spying. Once again, glass film saved the day.

Employee Privacy

There’s another aspect of privacy in the workplace: employees need it too.

While transparent glass partition walls may look good, people working inside such rooms might feel like they’re fish in a tank. It’s better when employees have an option of being in a place where they’re not bothered by anybody. It might be for solo projects requiring focused work or simply due to the fact some people are introverts.

It doesn’t mean you should get rid of all the glass walls in your office. Instead, you can use privacy glass film to give your employees some space. Besides, it’s better for their productivity.

Privacy Window Film: Effective Privacy Solution

Wherever there’s glass, there’s potential for data or privacy breach. Privacy glass film easily solves this problem. It’s a cost-effective and reliable solution that also makes your office look better.

At Metropolitan West, we’re know how important it is for our clients to protect their privacy. We offer privacy window film with custom gradients to match your interior style. You can choose any height, density, color,
and pattern, including your logo.

There’re no limits to customization options when it comes to our gradient film. Give us your idea and we’ll make it happen.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you protect privacy in your office. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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