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MetWest’s custom wall coverings combine technology, versatility, and appealing design. Regardless of what you want to achieve—from custom colors to unique office wall graphics—our in-house digital printing services can translate your concepts onto glass, walls, floors, ceilings, and doors.

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Bring Your Creative Vision To Life

Our team of in-house experts can handle all your project requirements, from design and project management to production and installation. By partnering with MetWest, your creative vision for a custom wall covering has no limits.

Delivered with our signature MetWest Advantage, our custom film solutions offer infinite opportunities for creative expression and design freedom.

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    All of our wall coverings are completely customizable in order to create a larger-than-life work of art. We can incorporate any design to seamlessly match your requirements and the décor of your space. From branding, through texture and pattern, to exact color matching, our designers will work with you to bring your idea to life.

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    Stock image of a girl writing on a writable surface Our patented peerhatch dry-erase wall covering is the superior alternative to dry-erase boards. With our patented process, we custom print any image, color or branding for a collaboration hub that’s both beautiful and functional. Peerhatch writable walls wipe clean every time without exception, neither sharpies, nor smudges nor impossible-to-get-rid-of dry-erase will remain. Leave writing up for months and it will still wipe clean!

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    Our magnetic wall coverings offer an extra level of functionality for your space. Customize with any imagery and create a branded center for brainstorming and organization to boost both creativity and productivity. These are also available as writable for the all-in-one collaboration tool


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    Di-Noc films creates the illusion of a range of wood and metal finishes. The 3M Architectural Finishes include over 1000 variations of surface textures ranging from industrial concretes to marble and elegantly aged woods – all easy to clean and maintain. Compared to replacement, they are a cost-effective solution that makes a sophisticated design accessible to all budgets.


    Dreamscape Print Provider Network

    MetWest is proud to be a member of the Dreamscape Print Provider Network, providing clients with superior quality wall covering materials for their custom wall mural projects.


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    With such versatility, quality, and creative options, our custom digital mural wall coverings offer a wide range of visual experience to add the perfect finishing touch to your interior design.


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