Forget everything you know about “whiteboards”—our peerhatch® patented technology redefines what a writable surface should be.

Enrich your environments and inspire culture by transforming any wall into a branded center for collaboration, communication, and creativity.

With our patented infused graphic printing process, we can print any image, color, or branding right into the surface of the writable wall. You can even include graphics that invite interaction—sparking ideas and teamwork in a way traditional whiteboards never could.


Whether you want your writable wall to stand out and attract attention, or blend seamlessly with your interior décor, we can customize the graphic layer in your writable wall surface to fit your space’s brand, theme, or color.

Choose from MetWest’s selection of more than 150 designs, or provide us with your own artwork. Our talented designers can also work with you to create a custom design based on your idea.

Enhance your writable wall with your company’s logo, or include motivational text, infographics, photographs, artwork, or illustrations. Scribble on brick, sea, or sky… the options are limitless!


Say goodbye forever to smudges and impossible-to-get-rid-of traces of dry-erase pen! Leave writing up for months and it will still wipe clean. Remove even permanent marker months later with a spray of alcohol solution. Peerhatch® puts the erase back in dry-erase! Backed by our 5-year guarantee.


We can custom-fit peerhatch® to cover any size space—from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall.


An installation of peerhatch® in the Edmunds.com headquarters is believed to be the largest writable surface in the world.

Choose from two options for the backing:

  • Type II, which applies with wallpaper paste just like regular wall coverings
  • Adhesive backed, which applies directly to the wall for easy installation.


All the same dry-erase capabilities of our original product, with the additional quality of being magnetic.


Peerhatch® is durable and suitable for high-traffic areas and constant use, as well as tested and approved for sensitive environments such as hospitals. Peerhatch® can even earn you LEED credits.


To clean peerhatch®, simply wipe the marker off with a microfiber cloth.

If a large area with a lot of writing needs to be cleared, a quick spray of rubbing alcohol solution will make cleaning even the entire wall fast and easy, and a Swiffer mop can make quick work of a large space.

Patent : Erasable Writable Material

US Patent Reg. No. 10,596,847 B1, 10,011,142 B1, 10,589,565 B1, 11,021,004 B1

Ref: T174-2005

Status: Granted

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