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Designer Films

Transform Surfaces from Lifeless to Breathless

Remodel your standard office windows and glass walls into exciting works of art. The Designer Collection features an inspiring array of over 75 decorative designer glass films. Our selection spans multiple color palettes, modern etchings, clear window film, printed window film, translucent window film, transparent window film, classic front film, 1 way glass film, unique textures and gradients and custom decorative window film. As well as pack and ship solutions, we also provide window film installation.

  • Some of the unique aspects of the Designer Collection of decorative window film:

  • Classic and modern patterns to match or accentuate your space

    Frosted, etched, or gradient films – we have multiple solutions for you to choose from

  • Decorative Etched, sandblasted, frosted, stained glass tint and customized glass

    Add privacy where you need it

  • Easy maintenance

    Easy to clean with spray, foam or commerical cleaners, or simply soap and water

  • Cost effective

    Replace and update at a fraction of the cost of new glass

From new construction to remodels, our decorative window film solutions deliver unlimited opportunities for creative expression and design freedom. Make your surroundings more beautiful and exciting with custom designer window films like:

One Way Window Film – One way window film does just that, it allows visibility through only one direction of glass. Although there are limitations, such as at night when inside light allows increased viability, one way window film permits viewing outside while blocking viewing inside for privacy and security. While there is not a 100% one way blackout window film available on the market, we can find a solution to meet your requirements.

Demountable offices (also known as Mobile or modular office spaces) have great functionality but do not need to be simple and open. Consider one way office window films for privacy without hindering outward view, translucent to add some color or frost for a traditional look. Distraction markers can also be invaluable to ensure the new addition to the space is clearly marked, showing visitors that glass is present and avoiding unintended injury. Decorative window film can inject life into your environment!

Window Wall Paper Films – Window wall paper films can be viewed the same as mural wall-coverings; though placing the custom printed graphic on glass instead of a wall can allow for some amazing light effects with transparent ink.

Gradient Films – From standard gradient glass film to full custom gradient film, we have a gradient solution to fulfill your requirements. There is literally no limit to possibilities with custom gradient; custom gradients can do whatever you want – size, direction, color, pattern or density – there are no limits. The benefit of this privacy window film is that you can cover or reveal as much or as little as you’d like, with your own stylized pattern. We can do anything to meet your requirements with a custom gradient solution; contact us today to find out more.

Decorative Etched Glass – The etched glass look. Etched window designs need not be limited to the traditional frosted glass effect that is commonly seen. We can do any color and can customize any design to reflect anything from corporate branding to informational statements.

Color Tint Film for Windows and Glass – Sometimes a desired effect can be achieved with a single color tint. The level of translucency or opacity can add dramatic effect with back lighting to change the color of the light source. There’s no need to spend extra money on the manufacturing and maintenance of stained glass windows; we can color match and print tint film to your specifications.

Whatever your decorative window film needs, call us to discuss your project!

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