4 Reasons to Love 3M Dichroic Film

4 Reasons to Love 3M Dichroic Film

It’s been 50 years since the very first window films hit the market, and glass film has come a long way since then. The decorative film improves design, gradient film adds privacy, and solar control film keeps out the heat. As the industry grows, new products keep emerging, and sometimes they truly amazing – like 3M Dichroic Film.

3M Dichroic Film shimmers, shifts colors, and captivates the eye. It makes glass change colors from different angles and lighting conditions. For an unforgettable impression, the dichroic film is hard to beat. It can instantly change the look of the space and turn it into something new. A typical conference room is transformed into a unique experiential environment. Due to its color-shifting nature, each project is a new experience with every encounter.

Dichroic glass film’s stunning appearance is undeniably powerful. Yet, that’s not the only reason you’ll want to use it in your future projects. In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know about 3M Dichroic Film and why it’s pure magic of glass film.

What is 3M Dichroic Film?

3M Dichroic Film is a glass film that changes color depending on the viewer’s angle and lighting. How does dichroic film work? The answer is 3M’s multi-layer optical film technology. The effect comes from the difference between the reflected colors and the colors in transmission. Too much jargon? It’s some high-tech magic from 3M.

Now that you know more about what we’re talking about, why are we so in awe and think you should be too?

Why You’ll Love 3M Dichroic Film

1. It looks stunning

We’re not exaggerating. It’s a beautiful solution for commercial and residential projects. But it’s also been showcased in award-winning interior design projects around the world. Inspiring designs include the Urban Tree Lounge and the Museum at Prairiefire. It’s not just another architectural finish. The dichroic film can turn any project into a work of art.

2. It’s a perfect addition to a modern environmental branding strategy

Creating a branded experience is central to modern workspace design. TikTok showcases this in their new offices in Los Angeles, which opened in January 2020. When designing their workspace, they wanted to “embody TikTok’s fun and joyful personality.” One feature firmly in line with this goal was the use of 3M Dichroic Film to create a playful experience in individual offices. The design features a multi-sized stripe design of Blaze and Chill Dichroic Films.

3. It’s cost-effective

Dichroic glass looks amazing but can be a pricey addition to your project. On the other hand, dichroic glass film is a cost-effective alternative that delivers the same effect.

4. It’s flexible and versatile

3M Dichroic Film can be printed, patterned, cut, bent, or combined with different types of glass or interlayer adhesives. It applies easily to many different surfaces, including partition walls, shower doors, furniture, and artistic glass.

Interested in 3M Dichroic Film? We Can Help!

Metropolitan West has partnered with 3M to bring you dichroic glass film.  For over 25 years we’ve been creating beautiful office environments for clients that include Fortune 500 companies. MetWest combines quality products with innovative solutions for even the most complex projects.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your dichroic film project. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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