How Can Building Wraps Transform Your Property?

How Can Building Wraps Transform Your Property?

How Can Building Wraps Transform Your Property?

Is your office not looking as impressive as it did 20 years ago? Updating an older building doesn’t need to break your budget. You can transform the look of your exterior quickly and cost-effectively with the use of building wraps. What is a building wrap? It’s the large-scale application of window film or vinyl over a building’s exterior. It’s also the solution you didn’t know you needed for some common problems with older properties.

Problems You Can Solve With A Building Wrap

Any building with poor curb appeal and glass windows is a great candidate for a building wrap.  However, there are a few common problems that building wrap directly address:

Many older buildings have greenish or otherwise unappealingly colored glass. Maybe it’s because of the aging material or a poor decision from an architect in the 1980s. Tinted glass used in older architecture often looks outdated and uneven as time passes.

Another common problem is glass transparency. Many older glass buildings allow full visibility of interiors from the outside. Not only is this a privacy issue for many tenants, but it is also can result in an unattractive and uneven appearance. offices will have blinds or curtains – sometimes fully closed, sometimes partially open. Others will have desks or lamps set up under the window.  When all of this is visible, the result is an uneven checkerboard appearance. Even from a distance, you can see a mish-mash of white or grey curtained windows, dark windows, and brightly lit windows.

How Building Wraps Transform Your Property’s Appearance

Large-scale film application results in an even appearance. There are many different film colors to choose from to create your desired look. No more mismatched grey, black, and green windows. The result of an exterior wrap is a uniform and modern look.

Perhaps your building belongs to a single company instead of housing multiple tenants. More adventurous clients can choose to combine colorful or custom printed vinyl to create a unique branded look. This both reinforces their company brand and makes them more easily identified from the street.

Financial Impact of Exterior Wraps

When it comes down to it though, you’re running a business. It’s all very well for a building to look nicer, but what are the financial benefits?

First, building wraps can save you millions in simple installation costs. If you’ve already arrived at the conclusion that you need to update, you’ve likely considered the more direct solution of major renovations. Replacing glass in a large building can quickly rack up a multi-million dollar bill. Wrapping your property with window film has all the benefits of glass replacement at a significantly lower price.

Are you looking to sell your property? A modern finished look isn’t just for pedestrians to admire. It makes your building more valuable. Exterior wraps are a fast and easy way to dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal. Increase your market value without costly (and time-consuming) renovations.

If you choose to wrap with solar control film, then you’ll have an extra financial benefit. Solar control film can save you up to 30% in energy costs by reducing temperatures. By slashing your HVAC bill, the added annual savings quickly add up.  Your building wrap could pay for itself in as little as 3 years.

Why Tenants Love Building Wraps

Building wraps can also improve your tenant attraction and retention. Better curb appeal and a modernized appearance make you’re building a more attractive option to discerning tenants. Choosing to wrap with solar control film can make your property even more appealing.

Solar control film can reduce heat gain as much as 79% — lowering temperatures without having to blast the A/C. A cool and comfortable environment is invaluable for productivity — and tenant happiness. It’s an especially important factor to consider in Southern California. Here, soaring summer temperatures can quickly make office buildings miserable.


In conclusion, exterior wraps are a fast and cost-effective way to modernize your property. Not only do they quickly revamp your building’s appearance, but they also have several benefits for both your wallet and your tenants.

If you’re interested in a building wrap but already have a headache from the thought of managing such a project – don’t worry. MetWest offers over 25 years of experience and expert installation in order to make the entire process a breeze from start to finish.

Contact MetWest to get started today!

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