Collaborative Tools at NFL Los Angeles

Collaborative Tools at NFL Los Angeles

Football is America’s most watched sport – the competition isn’t even close. And the staff at the National Football League media brings it to the homes of the 110 million viewers around the country tuning in each year to broadcasted games. It takes a well-oiled team to make it happen, and the new facilities at NFL Los Angeles were carefully designed to support their work. MetWest’s patented Peerhatch Dry Erase Wall Covering was a key component in the collaborative design of the workspace.

Stair 2nd Floor E NFL

NFL, Connectivity, and Collaboration

With hundreds of employees working across 4 floors and over 250,000 square feet of space, keeping staff connected was a priority. Creating a cohesive space through environmental branding was crucial to this. Football and the NFL permeates every room in this space, not just with big show-stopping graphics, but also with more subtle elements.

Some office spaces you walk into and if you missed the sign outside it could be one of 1000s of anonymous and near-identical offices across the world. Not with the NFL. The carefully designed space is true to strong football narrative and creates a sense of belonging for everyone who walks through the front doors.

In a more practical sense, keeping employees connected meant facilitating collaboration in a meaningful way. To do this, Gensler chose a variety of collaboration tools to incorporate into the space, including Peerhatch Writable Walls. Chris Mitchell, Lead Designer for the NFL Project, had already had great success with extensive use of Peerhatch in a previous project of his: Edmunds HQ. Already familiar with the product, he took full advantage of its unique benefits in how it was strategically incorporated into NFL Los Angeles’ design plan.

Lab 3rd Floor NFL

Customization as the Driving Force for the Facilities at NFL Los Angeles

Customization was key to making the facilities at NFL Los Angeles truly special. From the graphics, to the lighting to the tiling – thoughtful custom elements were vital to creating a cohesive football-driven narrative. Every design choice plays together to create a cohesive vision. The customization of the Peerhatch writable walls contributes to this.

Peerhatch is uniquely advantageous to design-forward spaces because of its graphical element. The dry erase wall covering can be printed with any custom graphics during production. A traditionally uninspiring functional tool is transformed into a mural centerpiece.

The NFL chose to customize their Peerhatch writable walls with yard lines in light gray. The walls integrate perfectly into the overall aesthetics of the space, mirroring the yard lines designs used in the lighting and other custom elements. The subtle gray and simplicity of the art are the perfect flare to a first and foremost functional tool.

Office Area Workstations NFL

No Limitations

Another benefit of Peerhatch which the NFL took advantage of was the lack of size limitations. Because Peerhatch is a wall covering, it can be cut to fit any size wall, floor to ceiling. It was simple to custom print to fit both small meeting rooms and large collaboration zones.

It is a tool well suited to the large staff at the NFL, providing ample space for everyone to share their ideas at group meetings.

Quality to Match a World Class Facility

Peerhatch was created after MetWest founder Kelly Taylor found herself visiting space after beautiful and expensive office space, each of them marred by dirty whiteboards and dry erase paint. While the carefully planned interior designs were still beautiful after years, whiteboards generally only had a few months before marker smears stopped fully erasing. It was a frustrating situation for many companies.

The years of development that went into Peerhatch resulted in a patented product that is guaranteed 100% non-ghosting. Employees can leave notes up for months and it will still wipe clean as if it’s brand new. Even sharpie marker comes off with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

It’s a high-quality product that can match the high-quality design of the rest of the NFL’s space. Its longevity will ensure the NFL will enjoy its functionality for many years to come.

Main Lobby from East End NFL

Facilities at NFL Los Angeles: Collaboration at Its Best

The completion of NFL Los Angeles itself was a masterclass in collaboration. The massive and exciting new facility brought together designers, artists, technicians, tilemakers, furniture makers, electricians and many, many more in order to bring together this 250,000 ft space. It is no surprise the result was a workspace that optimizes collaboration and connectivity for those who use it.

As one of the key collaborative elements in the newly opened building, Peerhatch Dry Erase Walls provided the NFL walls with an incredibly functional tool while its aesthetics blend smoothly in with the branding and aesthetics of the rest of the space. Contact Peerhatch today to bring your building space to a new aesthetic level.

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