The Environmental Benefits of Building Wraps

The Environmental Benefits of Building Wraps

An exterior wrap isn’t all about looks, it’s also good for the environment! We continue to learn more about the long-term effects environmentally careless building practices have. In response, architecture and construction firms are increasingly concerned about sustainable build practices.

And in a commercial real estate market where LEED-certified buildings reign supreme, it is increasingly vital to prioritize environmentally conscious solutions. How can a building wrap be part of your building’s green strategy? Our latest blog explores key environmental benefits of building wraps.

Heat Loss and Gain in Old Buildings

One of the major reasons that buildings choose to replace windows is to improve heat loss and gain. Glass is a much thinner barrier to the outside than well-insulated walls. So, it proves no surprise that typical windows can have a terrible effect on your building’s efficiency. In fact, about 1/3 of heat loss and gain in commercial properties is due to the windows.

A few factors can contribute to this. Windows are not perfectly airtight, and the greater their air leakage rating the more easily heat or cool air can escape through them. A very leaky window can mean uncomfortable drafts in the space.

Another factor is the solar heat-gain coefficient of the glass  – which describes how much solar radiation coming through the window. A lower rating means the more heat a window will absorb from outside. Because of this, your building’s HVAC has to work overtime to keep temperatures comfortable.

In Short, a Waste

Basically, the wrong windows result in a huge waste of energy. Recent years have seen major advances in energy efficient window construction. Still, older buildings continue to lose a great deal of energy through their glass. Replacing windows is an incredibly expensive update. Especially in a commercial building whose entire façade may be covered with glass!

Environmental Benefits of Building Wraps

Exterior Wraps: A Simpler Solution for Heat Loss and Gain

A building wrap is a much more cost-effective alternative. By wrapping with building with solar film, you not only update your properties appearance, but you also improve its energy efficiency. Solar control films is extremely effective at reducing heat gain, rejecting a large percentage of both infrared light and UV radiation. Keeping your building cool during the summer months suddenly becomes a lot easier.

For colder regions, options such as 3M Thinsulate Climate Control can prove ideal. This specializes in not only preventing heat loss during the summer, but also keeping in warm air during the winter. No matter where you live, solar film can be an invaluable addition to making your property greener by reducing energy use.

Incredible Energy Savings from Building Wraps

Just how big are these energy savings? By reducing heat gain enough to lower the interior temperatures by several degrees, solar control can save up to 30% in cooling costs. In sunny climates, especially where hot summers can leave office buildings roasting, this adds up quickly. It adds up so quickly in fact, that a solar control building wrap can pay for itself in as little as 3 years. And then continue to bring you energy savings for years to come.

Reduce Costly Waste

Cost is not the only reason to choose a building wrap over glass replacement though. Replacing glass in a building generates an incredibly amount of waste. Although glass is a recyclable material, in reality much of it ends up in landfills.

A 2013 study found that nearly 1.5 million tons of glass waste was created just through building construction projects. The infrastructure and processes are simply not yet in place to recycle building glass to its full potential. Although various countries are researching how to implement better large-scale architectural glass recycling, these are still a long way off.

Importance of the Environmental Benefits of Building Wraps

With such enormous waste, it is important to extend the use of building glass for as long as possible. This not just saves are landfills from tons of still usable glass material. It also saves vast amounts of raw materials that must go into constructing new glass for a building.

Are you considering glass replacement due to poor energy efficiency or simply want to fix an outdated appearance? Either way, building wraps can provide a solution without producing incredible waste. It’s an environmentally friendly way to update your building.

Take Pride In Your Exterior Wrap’s Environmental Impact

Tenants and city code requirements increasingly demand more sustainable and environmentally conscious buildings. When deciding how to update your building, it is increasingly vital to consider the impact.

Sustainable construction strategies are no longer a thoughtful bonus. They prove an absolute requirement for a modern commercial space! Building wraps can be an impactful part of a successful environmentally conscious strategy for your property. If you are interested in learning more, please contact MetWest today!

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