Creative Office Design for the Entertainment Industry: 3 Standout Projects

Creative Office Design for the Entertainment Industry: 3 Standout Projects

Office design for the entertainment industry is kind of the holy grail for custom wall covering companies. Mostly because it’s so fun. While most workplaces generally keep their wall graphics more subdued and branding centric, entertainment companies aren’t afraid to let loose. Forget subtle messaging and bring in the bold and loud. Being in a creative industry gives them more design freedom in their space. Their visitors and investors expect the dramatic and exciting.


For these companies, custom wall covering is an incredible tool to rapidly transform large spaces with larger than life imagery. It can bring beloved characters and worlds to life. And this blog will delve into three clients of MetWest who did just that. Find out how these entertainment companies used custom graphics for fun and memorable workplace designs.


In 2021, FOX moved their LA offices into a new two floor space. After revamping the workplace with a lovely but relatively anonymous interior design concept, their final addition was a series of environmental graphics. These custom printed wall graphics were the final piece to give the offices personality and transform it from simply a nice modern workspace to a workspace that was clearly and fully FOX’s.


FOX worked with MetWest to produce and install custom wall coverings for 37 walls. The wall coverings featured iconic characters and television personalities from a large variety of the network’s shows, including Homer Simpson, Gordon Ramsey, the FOX NFL Sunday mascot, and many more. The artwork brought color and energy to the office space all while celebrating the programming that FOX creates.


Although the variety of animation styles and characters might have brought chaos, instead the design was unified by a geometric background art motif. The repeating colors and panels provided a lovely background to the star characters while creating a cohesive environmental design throughout the massive space.

Riot Games

Riot Games is a video game company most famously known for their creation of one of today’s most wildly popular video games: League of Legends. Known for stunning visuals and high production value, League of Legends and the other video games from Riot Games were the perfect inspiration to enliven the space.

The rich fantasy worlds of the video games provided a wide variety of creatures, characters, and landscapes to decorate the empty walls. Part of the magic of gaming is the immersive experience it provides users, and custom wall coverings are able to do the same to an extent, bringing massive reproductions of these invented world into the everyday working space. It was also the perfect tool to display the stunning artwork and character development produced by the talented team at Riot Games.

MetWest worked with Riot Games to meticulously sample and color match to create beautiful prints which were true to the game concepts. To complement the final wall coverings, MetWest also printed a series of smaller images and had them framed – highlighting some game details and development processes as a further celebration of the work of Riot Games. The final result is a colorful and imaginative workplace that is certain to invoke both pride and creative inspiration.

Insomniac Games

Our final project highlight in the entertainment industry is another video game company: Insomniac Games. Like the previous two cases, Insomniac Games had a very modern and functional workspace but needed to inject some personality and fun into its environment – enter MetWest!


For this project, we produced a combination of custom cut vinyl graphics and custom printed wall coverings. The wall coverings were installed on several of the largest walls in the space and were environment focused: futuristic cityscapes, a street from the world of Spider-Man, and a stylized zombie apocalypse landscape. They were a slightly more subtle tribute to the video games, bringing in their worlds into the workspace without the immediately identifiable characters. It had a magically atmospheric effect on the space.


The other aspect of the design was custom cut vinyl decals. These were installed as large pops of color throughout the space, featuring characters and emblems from the show to pay tribute a little more directly. The result was an inspiring atmosphere for the team at Insomniac Games.

Embrace Imagination In Your Own Workspace

Although we expect the entertainment industry to be particularly bold and creative in their environmental design, the rest of us could stand to take some inspiration from their example! There is no need to feel confined to typical subdued branding in your space. We invite you to step out of the box and get a little creative with your design.


As the examples above demonstrate, one can still have a impressive and modern workspace with more imaginative design elements. And the result is both inspiring and memorable for both your own team and visitors. Contact MetWest and get started on your custom wall covering project today!

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