Wall Graphics & Glass Film For Schools

Wall Graphics & Glass Film For Schools

The environment students learn in has a huge effect on their learning rates. Collaboration, creativity, and safety are all key when it comes to designing educational spaces. Wall coverings and glass films have a lot of design flexibility which makes them great tools help schools create the best learning spaces possible, and give students the advantages they deserve. In this blog we delve into some of the ways wall graphics and glass films can be incorporated into educational designs for a great learning experience.

Peerhatch: Writable Walls for Collaborative Learning

The whiteboard is possibly the most useful tool of any classroom, but even it has its limitations. Limited in size, only available in plain white, and after a couple of months – really hard to clean. Peerhatch Dry-Erase Wall Covering provides an alternative solution that offers a lot of advantages.


Because Peerhatch is a wall covering, it is easily installed floor to ceiling over the entire wall – or even the entire room. This provides tons of space not just for the instructor, but also for students to get up and work collaboratively together.


Another great advantage of Peerhatch Dry-Erase for educational spaces is the customizability. They can be printed with any colors or imagery without sacrificing writability, and this opens up all sorts of creative and learning possibilities:


  • Incorporate school colors and messaging to strengthen a sense of community
  • Add subject specific elements: a graph background for a geometry classroom or periodic table for a science classroom
  • Add fun graphics and bright colors to create a more engaging and playful space for younger students
  • And much more!

Peerhatch writable walls are an exciting tool to evoke collaboration and organize ideas not just in classrooms, but also libraries, auditoriums, teachers’ lounges and many more spaces within a school. And the best part is, they wipe clean every time. Leave marker up over the months long summer break and it comes off without a trace. Even Sharpie can be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Show Your School Pride With Mural Wall Covering

Large school pride murals featuring mascots and messaging can be found at almost every school. Usually painted directly on the wall, these can also be installed using custom wall covering. Installation is a breeze. Printed onto panels of material and then installed to be nearly virtually seamless, even a large gym wall can be finished in a day. Plus no paint fumes or drying times to worry about.


A printed design offers a lot more flexibility over paint as well. With wall covering, the design can be very complex and can include small details or even photography. There is no need to limit details or number of colors like with a painted wall mural. It opens up a lot of creative possibilities.

Signage That Inspires

For any campus or educational building, signage and wayfinding is always a crucial aspect of design. Room signage, department directories, directional wayfinding, and much more are all much needed. Conventional signage systems are often extremely plain and forgettable. Incorporating wall graphic elements can add color, personality, and heightened functionality.


Not only do we offer large printed wall murals, MetWest provides smaller custom cut vinyl wall graphics for smaller additions to the space which work excellently for signage purposes. Because they are custom prints, their design is easily customizable to add school branding elements, color, educational iconography and more. It’s far more cost-effective and quick to create highly custom vinyl signage compared to custom traditional signage.


Although 3-dimensional ADA signage with braille always has an important part to play in an educational wayfinding system, custom vinyl graphics can be an excellent enhancement to any learning space.

Protect Your Beautiful Campus

We’ve delved into a lot of the fun and creative ways that wall graphics and glass films, but another less glamorous but extremely useful glass film is anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film can be applied to protect the campus from vandalism. Applied to windows, glass, mirrors – even bathroom stalls, the product holds up against paint, scratching, even acid. And if it’s damaged, it’s a simple and inexpensive remove and replace to have the surface looking like new. No need for costly replacements of vandalized mirrors or windows.


At schools, these are particularly popular for restroom mirrors and bathroom stalls, both of which are prime targets for student vandalism. It’s a great product to spare repair costs and keep the campus looking incredible year after year.

Take Your Educational Space To The Next Level

We understand that creating an optimal educational space means juggling a lot of different needs. From helping keep restroom mirrors graffiti free to creating larger than life mascot graphics for the auditorium, MetWest has the products and skills to help you in creating an incredible educational facility.

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