How To Customize Your Frosted Privacy Film Band

How To Customize Your Frosted Privacy Film Band

Modern offices are all sleek lines and clear glass. They’re fabulously transparent! A beacon of collaboration and unity! And a total nightmare for privacy and security. Glass office occupants are increasingly finding that although the design philosophy was great, the reality of working in a fish bowl is imperfect. So knowing how to customize a frosted privacy film band can make a huge difference.

For this reason, frosted privacy film bands have become a staple in workspaces. They’re an addition that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A simple frosted band has become a common sight for many office employees, but did you know there’s a lot more you can do with them? Customizing a frosted band is easier than you might think.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to take your frosted privacy band to the next level. Tweaking the standard band lets you add elegance, branding, and personality to your office. It’s a simple way to elevate your office design. But do you know what your options are? This blog reviews the myriad of ways you can customize your privacy film band and take your workspace to the next level!

A typical privacy band

A typical privacy band is a strip of frosted window film, usually 3 to 5’ in height. The translucent film is the perfect choice for a lot of glass offices. By letting in light while obscuring the view inside, they create privacy without closing off the space too much. Simple, clean, classic. There’s a reason that 1000s of offices choose a typical frost band for their glass offices.

How to Customize Your Frosted Privacy Film Band

But as our founder likes to say, why choose vanilla when you can have chocolate with sprinkles? There are a lot of options to take a privacy film band and really make it your own. As a leading custom surface film supplier, MetWest is here to share a few tips.

Reveals (make it bands)

Let’s start simple. Add a little interest without going too wild. A great way to add a custom touch is cut reveals. By this I mean we cut away a thin strip of film to reveal the glass, and a peek into the room behind the frost. The size and number of reveals can be easily adjusted based on how much privacy you require. With this simple update, a standard frosted band becomes something a little more unique to your space.

This still creates a very clean-cut and uncomplicated appearance. However, a few reveals can add an extra level of sophistication. It’s a simple way to go above and beyond the standard without dedicating too much design time. Functionally, it’s also a great choice for when you want a high level of privacy in your office while still being able to keep out for approaching visitors.

Even Fancier Custom Cut pattern

While we’re cutting into the film, let’s kick it up a notch. Consider the possibilities! You can cut all sorts of patterns and images into frost. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get creative – and strategic.

We <3 Logos

One of the most popular options with our clients is to custom cut their logo into the film. It’s a seamless way to add branding to a functional feature. A simple personal touch like this turns an office from one of a 1000 similar rooms to a unique space for YOUR company. If you’re sharing floor space with multiple companies, this serves as useful signage as well.

Environmental branding helps transform staff into a community. It strengthens your company and creates engagement. Careful branding in a space creates a memorable workspace not just for employees, but also for visitors, clients, and business partners. Adding your logo to a privacy band is a great first step to achieving this.

Patterns and Graphics

However, there are plenty of other ways to use custom cut reveals besides logos. Patterns and cut imagery can add personality. Chosen thoughtfully with brand identity in mind, these too can contribute to a branded space more thoughtfully. Over the years, we’ve cut hexagonal patterns, spirals, employee names – even film strips.

Printed Design – Add Color To Your Frost!

Did you know we can print on frosted film? And once we start printing, the sky’s the limit. Any color, graphic – even a photograph! On the simpler side of opportunities, an accent in your brand color can be a beautiful addition. For branding and wayfinding, we can custom print your logo. For multicolored logos, this can be a much more impactful look than a custom-cut logo.

But for clients who want to take this opportunity to add some wow to their workspace, custom printing can turn your frosted band into a design centerpiece. Showcase your brand with marketing images. Celebrate your history with a timeline. Add life to an office space with colorful abstract designs. Whatever goals you have for your workspace, frosted bands can be a surprising design opportunity.

Pick 2… or 3….

But why just pick one strategy? Don’t limit your creativity. Once you combine custom printing and custom cutting, the possibilities double. With such a wide range of options, finding the custom solution that is right for your space’s specific needs is simple.

Frosted Bands for the Future

Typical frosted bands have served us well and remain an elegant and effective solution. However, the industry has changed, so take advantage of everything you can do with frosted bands! For inspiration check out our galleries of custom band and decorative glass film projects. And if you’re interested in a trying to customize a frosted privacy film band installation, get in touch with our team to get started!

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