Transform glass walls and windows with stunning decorative films, adding privacy and branding to your workspace. MetWest’s decorative glass film can turn your standard office windows and glass walls into works of art. Choose from our selection of classic and contemporary patterns, or work with our designers to create a custom design that complements your space and highlights the unique features of your business.

  • Classic and Modern Patterns to Match or Accentuate Your Space
  • Custom Gradient Patterns (any color or direction)
  • Decorative Etched, Sandblasted, Frosted, Stained Glass Color Tint
  • Custom Printed Color and Imagery

Our selection spans multiple color palettes, custom modern etchings, printed window film, translucent window film, and transparent window film.

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    Sometimes a desired effect can be achieved with a single-color tint.

    The level of translucency or opacity can add dramatic effect with backlighting to change the color of the light source. There’s no need to spend extra money on the manufacturing and maintenance of stained glass windows; we can color-match and print tint film to your specifications.

    Etched glass designs are virtually limitless. We offer any color (including Pantone and paint colors) and can customize your design to reflect your vision.

    Transform your standard office windows and glass walls into exciting works of art. Our designer collection features and inspiring array of decorative designer glass films.

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    Privacy Film Bands – As Much Or As Little Privacy As You Need

    Add decoration and privacy to your office, conference room, or anywhere else – all while maintaining openness. Choose a classic frosted glass style or customize with your branding, original art or pattern, using any color or design.

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    All our gradient glass film is custom and made to order without size, color, or pattern limitations. As a privacy film, gradients allow you to reveal exactly as much or as little as you need.

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    Protect your visitors, staff, and glass with custom-designed high-visibility distraction markers. Distraction markers are an important safety solution, but they can also serve as a beautiful design feature.

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    We can transform simple glass into unique, personalized branded statements to completely transform the look and feel of your space.



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