What is a Vinyl Building Wrap with Graphics?

What is a Vinyl Building Wrap with Graphics?

Window film and vinyl wraps have long been used to spruce up a building’s exterior, but did you know you can add custom printing as well? The long lead times and major construction projects that used to be associated with updating your building’s façade are a thing of the past. A MetWest vinyl building wrap can turn your space into a local cutting-edge design landmark. In this blog, we delve into graphical building wraps and their benefits.

What is a Building Wrap?

Let’s break down this term a little bit. A building wrap is the large-scale application of vinyl or film on the exterior of a building. Depending on the desired look, they can cover portions or the entirety of the façade. While these can be very simple tinted black or blue films to create a uniformly updated appearance, they are also an incredible opportunity for graphics.

With custom-printed film, you are easily able to transform your façade with colorful graphics, contemporary patterns, detailed murals, or bold typography. It is an incredible tool for turning any building into an eye-catching piece of art.

Wrap for Marketing

Businesses regularly spend $1,000s each month for a little ad space. A page in a magazine, a few square inches on a webpage. For the more ambitious there are bus stop posters and billboards. For many though, the biggest canvas available to advertise their business is the storefront.

Retailers have long taken advantage of the street-facing space for elaborate displays and best marketing campaigns. For corporate buildings that aren’t trying to invite the casual passerby inside, this space is largely ignored. Most offices will place a single sign and otherwise their building will blend in with the dozen other businesses on their street.

What a wasted opportunity! If you’ve invested in a physical space for your company, make it work for you in every way possible. Your potential clientele is driving past your building every day. You have an excellent chance to communicate with them. And building high graphics catch far more attention than a magazine ad.


Wrap for a First Impression

First impressions are everything, and the appearance of your business plays a big part in that. If your building is a little older, a graphical wrap can instantly modernize your façade without the expensive and time-consuming structural changes that a refresh can usually entail. Even a simple vinyl wrap improves a visitor’s experience by providing a nicer and more professional welcome. A well-designed graphical wrap can make an awe-inspiring and unforgettable first impression.

Even if you do not have clients visiting you regularly, the exterior look of your building still matters. When attracting top talent to hire, you want to assure them of your company’s excellent reputation. This is doubly important if you are trying to entice office workers away from remote work opportunities. Interviewing in a bland and anonymous office doesn’t do you any favors in a competitive hiring situation.

Furthermore, even if your clients aren’t showing up at your door, in the 21st Century they’re likely to be looking you up online, and a Yelp or Google Maps result with a photo of your business is frequently among the top results. A virtual good first impression is vital when it’s so easy to simply click over to a competitor.

Wrap for Property Value

If you’re planning to sell, or simply considering the long-term value of your property, curb appeal is probably top of mind. Landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and small repairs are common strategies of most property owners. And certainly effective! But for transformational power, it is hard to beat a vinyl wrap for bang for your buck.

An exterior wrap can make a structure look like an entirely new building without any additional construction. Most improvements for raising curb appeal quickly are spot fixes – small changes to small portions of the property that come together for an overall refreshed look. A building wrap is a single solution to immediately improve the entirety of your structure. Graphical components can create a design-forward contemporary façade, even if the underlying structure is fairly dated.

Wrap for Beauty

I’ve made the business arguments for a graphical wrap, but I’ll finish with the human one.

Many of us live in cities that are filled to the brim with anonymous office buildings, bland business parks, and skyscrapers that blend into each other. There might be a few architects who are up in arms over this claim, but commercial architecture in the last century has trended overall towards mundane and interchangeable. Inoffensive and without personality.

The somber elegance of the Taj Mahal, the ancient pillars of the Colosseum, the intricate stonework of the Notre Dame – these are buildings that loom large in the cultural consciousness. They attract millions of visitors each year from all around the world. And they are a testament to how deeply we are moved by architectural beauty.

Decoration and flair are often stripped from commercial buildings in the name of functionality and budget. But there is no need to strip beauty from a space for it to be functional and business appropriate. In fact, given that we respond to artistry and style with such energy and joy, it can only be a benefit to bring beauty and personality to a space.

Consider your marketing strategy, your business plan, and your yearly budget. But a company is really its people, so consider you too.

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