Why Building Wraps are Your Solution To Gaining & Retaining Tenants

Why Building Wraps are Your Solution To Gaining & Retaining Tenants

If you’re in property management, everything you do revolves around two goals – gain tenants when you have a vacancy, and then retain them for as long as possible. You probably already have a list of strategies to ensure these two goals happen. You stay up to date on the local property market, you respond quickly to tenant maintenance requests, and you keep communication open. Unfortunately most of your competitors are doing these things as well. If you’re looking for something that will help you truly stand out from the pack, consider a building wrap. Building wraps are a unique and cost-effective upgrade that provides many benefits for your tenants.

What Are Building Wraps?

A building wrap is the large-scale application of window film or vinyl over a building’s exterior.

A building wrap can:

  • Create a uniform singular color appearance
  • Include colorful vinyl accents for a modern look
  • Even use custom printed window film to create larger than life branding and marketing imagery

At a fraction of the cost of glass replacement, a building wrap is a quick and cost-effective strategy to upgrade your property. How does that benefit your tenant retention strategy?

MetWest provides a range of options for building wraps. Modern tenant tastes deserve a modern approach to your building and its aesthetic. By staying at the forefront of property appeal, you can ensure more consistent and long-term tenants.

Curb Appeal & Gaining Tenants

Building wraps are a wonderful way to make your property instantly more attractive. Even the most basic exterior wraps without custom graphics can significantly modernize your property’s appearance. Untinted windows allow you to clearly see opened/unopened/and partially opened curtains or blinds at each window. The result is an uneven checkerboard appearance. Large-scale film application creates an even and uniform appearance. It projects a much more professional impression upon visitors.

Of course, given the choice anyone would prefer to stay in a more attractive building over a less attractive option. But that is not the only reason curb appeal is a valuable factor for prospective tenants. Many businesses host frequent on-site meetings with clients or have a retail component. In these cases, a great first impression can be vital for success.

Furthermore, committing to updates such as façade refreshes is important for retaining existing tenants. It is vital to show your commitment to maintaining a work environment they can be satisfied in for years to come. It is much harder (and more expensive) to find a new tenant than to keep your existing one happy. Cost-effective updates that keep your property competitive in the local market help ensure that existing tenants won’t be searching for a newer space.

Updating Without Disturbing Tenants

Many renovations that property managers need to make are extremely intrusive. Even if in the long run they’re necessary to keep the building up to date and pleasant to stay in, the actual process is a huge pain. Not just for management – but for tenants. Construction work often requires whole sections of the building to be temporarily closed off to tenant use. Even minor renovations and repair work often means noise, dust, and workers moving in and out of the space. So even if the tenants can remain at work, they have to deal with disruptions for days.

No matter how necessary the work, and how nice the results, no one likes dealing with the disruption of renovations. Fortunately, exterior wraps can install without any inconvenience to tenants. As the name suggests, exterior wraps install – surprise – on the exterior. The glass film and vinyl are applied directly to the outer surface of the façade. No need for installers to enter your tenants’ spaces and inconvenience them. Your building gets a major face-lift, while your tenants’ daily operations are undisturbed.

Solar Film – Better Environment, Modern Aesthetic

One option is to choose solar control film for your exterior wrap. Not only does this choice update your building’s appearance, it provides a number of benefits for your tenants. If you experience hot summers, then you understand how a broken air conditioning unit can bring the workday to a grinding halt. Few things are as vital to a good work environment as a comfortable temperature. Solar control film blocks heat-producing rays to reduce heat gain and keep offices cool. All while reducing your HVAC load – and air conditioning bill. In fact, decreasing temperatures by just a few degrees can save you up to 30% in cooling costs.

As another benefit, solar control film lets in natural light while eliminating glare. Maybe your property offers tenants a great view. But windows in a sunny climate can mean glare on computers, whiteboards and television for much of the day. Not only is this simply annoying, but it can also cause hours of eyestrain and discomfort. Too bright lighting quickly turns previously pleasant offices into spaces that are impossible to work with. With solar film, tenants get all the benefits of natural lighting – including increased focused and reduced stress – without the discomfort and eyestrain from blinding glare.

All of these factors add up to a cool and pleasant working environment. What does this mean for you? Fewer complaints, happier tenants, and a larger profit margin. All without high HVAC costs.

Branding Options Inside and Out

Much of this blog has been focusing on basic options for exterior wraps, which create a uniform color refresh for all windows. However, the use of custom printing and the application of multicolored vinyl provide you with far more elaborate options for changing your building’s look. One option is to use custom cut panels of vinyl over the window film application to create stripes of color. These create eye-catching accents and create a uniquely modern stylization. It is a great way to stand out from neighboring properties and further your curb appeal to attract new tenants.

Custom printed marketing and branding wraps are another option. If you are leasing your building – or the majority of your building – to a single tenant, offering an exterior marketing wrap can be a persuasive selling point to differentiate your property from competitors. These larger-than-life installations are the ultimate environmental branding solution. At the same time, they also beautify the building and create a larger-than-life advertising opportunity for your tenant. It’s an incredible incentive in a highly competitive market.

Gain and Retain Tenants with Building Wraps Today

Exterior building wraps are more than a stylish upgrade – they are a valuable tool for gaining and retaining your tenants. Their benefits include:

  • Installation without disturbing occupants
  • An increase of curb appeal
  • Creation of a cooler and more comfortable work environment
  • Chance to provide a unique branding opportunity for tenants

If you’re interested in an exterior wrap for your property, contact MetWest to learn more and get pricing. We offer 25 years of industry experience, the highest quality of materials, and professional installation. We pride ourselves on making the entire process a breeze from start to finish. Contact us today!

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