Your Most Frequently Asked Glass Film Questions

Your Most Frequently Asked Glass Film Questions

If you’re not used to working with glass film a day in and day out, you might have a lot of questions. If you’re hoping to install custom glass film, the process might be even more daunting. At MetWest, we don’t expect all of our clients to be experts – after all, that’s what you’ve hired us for! We’re happy to answer any and all questions you might have so that you can have a product that you’re 100% satisfied with. That said, we try our best to anticipate any moments of confusion and provide you the information you need. In over 20 years of installing glass film, here are a few of our most asked questions:

I sort of like this window film, but…

…it’s just not quite what you’re looking for. You know what you want, and you don’t want to compromise. We respect that. Although we have a wide range of standard decorative glass films, they don’t fit everyone’s needs. That’s why we offer custom window films. With this option, we custom print and cut each piece of window film so that it meets your needs exactly. We can customize the size, transparency, color, or pattern. Your options are limitless.

This is also an ideal solution for anyone who wants to use window film as part of their experiential branding strategy. The custom film means that you can incorporate your company logo or other branding imagery easily. We can even print photographs onto glass film for larger-than-life custom artwork for your workspace.

I want my logo cut in window film, can I just give you this JPEG?

We need vector artwork for all custom cut logos. Vector artworks are AI or EPS files. We require this to cut the logo cleanly with crisp lines so that you can have a great quality final installation. If you’re not sure if your file works, just send us what you have. We’re happy to take a look!

This is good advice for any custom artwork. Although we provide artwork requirements on our website, we understand that if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff, some of the terms may be unfamiliar and confusing.

Don’t worry. Send us what you have and tell us what you want. We’ll be happy to review your art and either adjust it so that it is production-ready or explain what we need from you so that the artwork works. We want to work with you to make your artwork look great in the final installation of your custom window film.

I want a gradient, but don’t want to see the edges of the film. Standard gradients are too small.

Standard films are commonly 60” or 48” heights – rarely the size of your glass. That means installs leave unsightly seams where the material ends.

Your solution is custom gradient film! Custom gradients can be printed to any height – covering the full glass panels and resulting in a seamless final look. And because the gradient has been printed for your unique space, it’s easily customized in many other ways to fit your needs.

Choose how opaque it is based on how much privacy you need. The transition between two or more colors instead of simply white to clear. Even change the direction of your gradient – for example, horizontal or even diagonal. The possibilities are endless.

Help! The glass in my new office looks great, but people keep walking into the walls.

We hate getting calls with ambulance sirens in the background. As beautiful as glass walls look, they can be a hazard to anyone who’s not paying attention. You need distraction markers! These are window film markers that are installed near eye level to catch your attention and alert you to the glass wall. Available as dots, stripes, or even logos they are not only a functional safety feature but often a great way to enhance your space’s interior design and branding.

If this is a safety issue and a rush, we have some standard options to install quickly and protect your employees and clients. If you haven’t moved into the space yet and have some time, consider custom distraction markers. Your business is more than an anonymous office! So make it your own. Using your logo as a decorative distraction marker serves as a clever branding opportunity.

I already have window film installed, but now need some replaced/added. Can you match it?

This is probably our most asked question of the entire series. You’ve had window film you love up for a couple of years – and then a window ends up broken and the glass (and film) needs replacement. Or your business is doing well and you’ve added new offices that need window film.

So can we match the existing? The answer is… sort of. Usually, we can install the same type of film and/or pattern. Even if we weren’t the original installer, our experts have a lot of experience in identifying window films, and our designers can often recreate any existing patterns.

However, the film will change in appearance as it ages. The brand new film looks ever so slightly different from a film that is a year old or more. If the new film is going in a separate room, you’ll probably be fine. If the new film is being installed right next to the old film (to replace a damaged panel for example) then they may look noticeably different.

Make Window Film a Part of Your Office Today

We hope this blog has answered some of your most pressing questions about window film! If you have more questions about your upcoming glass film project, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to provide assistance! Installing custom glass film doesn’t need to be a confusing undertaking. At MetWest, we want to help make your project go as smoothly as possible.

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