What Is Window Tint Film? Is Window Tinting Worth It?

What Is Window Tint Film? Is Window Tinting Worth It?

What is window tint film? It’s a solution that can help you cut energy costs while protecting your space from UV rays. Let’s see if it works as good as it sounds.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about window tint film. Is window tinting worth it? Is it the right solution for your project? What are some things you need to know before purchasing it for your project?

Read on to find out!

Window Tint Film: Ultimate Guide

What Is Window Tint Film?

Window tint film, or solar control window film, is a thin film applied to glass windows. Its purpose it to reflect UV-rays controlling heat and light coming through the windows. This solution is popular both for businesses and homes.

How Does Window Tint Film Help You Save on Energy Bills?

During warm seasons and in places with hot climates, AC bills can be a huge expense. Window film reflects solar energy and reduces heat gain. As a result, the temperature in the room decreases which leads to reduced
cooling costs.

Does Glass Film Protect Your Furniture?

Indeed, it does. Wood and fabrics fade under UV rays. You could constantly apply protectants on your floors, chairs, and couches – or you could find an easier solution.

Of course, drapes and curtains could protect your furnishings too. However, you’d have to sacrifice sunlight as well. With window tint film, you can still enjoy the light while keeping your floors and couches from UV rays.

How Does Window Tint Film Protect You from Glare?

Glare is another side effect of having the sun shining through your windows. As you may know, glare is not simply annoying but can also hurt your eyes. Window tinting reflects the glare allowing you to enjoy the sunlight
without its negative effects.

Will Window Tint Film Protect Your Privacy?

Another benefit of this solution is that it protects your privacy. While you can clearly see from the inside, the film looks dark from the outside keeping the interior from prying eyes.

Does Solar Control Window Film Help Environment?

If you’re thinking about going green, solar control film can be a great choice for you. It’s a carbon-neutral (and sometimes carbon negative) solution popular among eco-friendly businesses.

It’s also easy to earn some extra LEED credits with window film. So, if it’s important for you to show your effort to help the planet, this solution may be perfect for you.

Is Window Film Cost-Effective?

Replacing glass can get extremely expensive. Window tinting is a cost-effective option, even when compared to other alternatives.

Speaking of which – what are the alternatives?

Window Tinting Alternatives

As mentioned above, you can always go for curtains and drapes. However, they block the light altogether and don’t fully protect you from heat.

Next, you can choose solar screens. It’s an affordable option but doesn’t help with heat that well. Plus, it blocks the light increasing your electricity bills. Not to mention, solar screens don’t add to the building’s aesthetics.

Window Tint Film Installation

While you can try DIY, it’s always better to let professionals deal with installation. That’s especially true when we’re talking about tall buildings.

But don’t worry: solar window film installation won’t interrupt the normal routine in the building. It only requires work on the exterior which shouldn’t bother tenants or employees.

Is Window Tinting Worth It?

Window tint film is a great cost-effective solution that allows you to save on energy costs, protect your space from heat and glare, and help the planet while doing so. Additionally, it improves the privacy and appearance of the building.

So, a shorter answer to the posed question is yes.

At Metropolitan West, we’ve helped many projects with our solar control window film. We’re happy to say that all the feedback we got has always been positive.

With two decades of installation experience, Metropolitan West strives to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Interested in solar window film? Contact us today! We’re looking forward to hearing about your project.

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