6 Decorative Wall Covering Ideas For The Office

6 Decorative Wall Covering Ideas For The Office

Office design has progressed far in the past few decades. Most companies have (finally) abandoned boring cubicle setups and gray walls for better options. To meet the needs of the modern workforce, offices are expected to be aesthetically pleasing and original, and well thought out. Every element matters and decorative wall coverings can be a very impactful addition. We are here to give you a boost with the best decorative wall covering ideas for your office.

6 Decorative Wall Covering Ideas For The Office

Why cover your walls with simple paint when you can use custom wall coverings to brand, display your values, connect with nature – or even collaborate? There are more options for custom printed murals than you might think. In today’s blog post we’re going to give you 6 decorative wall coverings ideas for your workplace:

1. Brand With A Custom Mural

Office design can help companies promote their corporate values and brand. Wall decals can be a low-cost solution if you want to put a business logo or motto on the wall. To take this idea a bit further, you can choose a custom wall mural that represents the company’s culture and complements the design you’re creating.

This does not mean simply printing your logo and calling it a day (although you can certainly do that). There are a lot of creative ways to express your brand through a custom mural! Use infographics or typographic art to display your brand’s values. Celebrate your company’s growth and accomplishments with a timeline that traces major milestones. The possibilities are limitless.

2. Create A Peaceful Workspace with Acoustic Wall Covering

There is nothing more infuriating than trying to concentrate in a noisy space. Unfortunately, many offices have serious ambient noise problems. Open-plan offices are particularly bad. With few partitions and high ceilings, noise travels easily through space. Soundproofing is no longer just for garage bands trying to make it big without infuriating the neighbors. There are many options for wall coverings that are designed to absorb sound. Their absorptive design reduces sound reverberations through space, helping to eliminate echoes while increasing privacy.

Available in many colors and patterns, these wallcoverings aren’t just a functional addition to your space. They double as a decorative solution as well. Another option to create visual interest is to install padded sound-absorbent panels which you can configure into a variety of geometric patterns.

3. Incorporate Biophilic Design

Promoting connection with nature, biophilic design is one of today’s most popular office design trends. It’s not about placing some potted plants here and there. Biophilic design is systematic and requires deliberate consideration of many elements in your space. This means your lighting, space design, furniture, and of course – your walls.

Wall coverings that work well for biophilic design include natural materials – or more cost-effective wall coverings that mimic them. For example, you could go with natural stone cladding or rustic-looking wood palettes. But, if you’re trying to keep the cost of the project on a lower side, you might want to consider Di-Noc finishes. These mimic natural materials at a fraction of the price. They’re available in a wide range of options – including wood and stone.

Another option is to take advantage of custom mural wall coverings to create a visual connection to nature. Even a photograph of a natural landscape has been shown to improve stress recovery – lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Custom printed wall coverings of nature scenes, such as a beach or mountainside, improve employee well-being. They are a great addition to a fast-paced and competitive environment.

4. Hire A Graffiti Artist

Ok ok, this isn’t exactly a wall covering – but we loved it so much we had to include it. Graffiti is a fantastic option to decorate your walls! We understand that it might not be a good fit for some companies. However, if your space has an industrial or urban feel, you should definitely consider this option. Professional graffiti artists create masterpieces that entirely change the look of the space. Many companies have adopted this trend, including Facebook, Spotify and Indeed.

It’s a wonderful way to support local artists while creating a unique centerpiece for your workspace. This kind of bold wall decoration instantly modernizes your space while adding color and playfulness. Plus, it’s harder to find a more one-of-a-kind decoration than a custom graffiti mural.

5. Add Elegance with Fabric Wall Coverings

With fabric wall covering, simply the texture can be an attention-stopping feature. Velvet felt, and tufted fabric panels are some of the more unique options. However, even more subtly textured fabrics such as linen or silk are enough to transform a space. Depending on your fabric choice, you can create a look that is fun, luxurious, or contemporary. As an added bonus, fabric wall coverings are a good solution for sound control.

Besides traditional wall coverings, another installation option is to use fabric wall panels. This gives you more options for geometric patterns and color combinations. Some fabric panel products are even cushioned, adding another level of 3-dimensionality and playfulness.

6. Add Functionality With a Writable Wall Covering

An office wall can be more than aesthetically pleasing – it can become a collaboration hub. Peerhatch is a writable wall covering that is applied to walls of any size. It’s even customizable – meaning you can add any graphic of your choice. Brainstorm over an image of your favorite vacation spot or add your logo. You’re not limited to boring white walls.

Peerhatch is a perfect choice for companies looking to improve collaboration with the help of office design. It’s a patented wall covering that wipes clean even after leaving up a marker for months. No more gross gray smears that just won’t come off.

Get Started On Decorative Wall Covering Ideas For The Office Today

Wall coverings give you a lot of different options for designing your office. With a little thoughtfulness, they can be more than a simple decoration. Decorative wall coverings can reinforce your brand, add functionality, and even have a positive impact on employee well-being.

We hope our decorative wall covering ideas for the office has been helpful to you. Our goal at MetWest is to help improve collaboration and employee well-being through office design. If this sounds like your goal too, contact Metwest today and let’s discuss your project! We are looking forward to working with you.

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