Creatively Using Dichroic Film in Interiors

Creatively Using Dichroic Film in Interiors

Dichroic Film has been making waves for a couple years now in the commercial interiors world, an the buzz shows no sign of stopping. And why should it? It’s a fun and dynamic material and a lot of designers are just starting to dip into its full potential. Dichroic Film has a lot of creative applications you may not have considered. Today’s blog is diving into some of the unique ways Dichroic can be incorporated into your interior design project.

What is Dichroic Film?

Dichroic Film is a glass film developed by 3M that changes color depending on lighting as well as the viewer’s perspective. It works using 3M’s multi-layer optical film technology. The effect comes from the difference between the reflected colors and the colors in transmission.


To sum it all up, Dichroic Film is a stunning glass film that shifts colors. Also in existence is Dichroic Glass, which has the same properties inherent in the glass. What’s special about the 3M film, is that it can be applied to any existing glass surface so is perfect for existing interiors. It can later be removed if the space undergoes a design or tenant change. Also it allows for a lot more creative flexibility, as we’ll discuss in this blog.

Combine with other glass films for a custom design

Dichroic film in large applications can be overwhelming, especially in a more confined space like most typical workspaces. Rather than apply over the full glass panels, consider using cut pieces and combine with other films for a more balanced effect.


TikTok’s Los Angeles headquarters is an excellent example of this. In this space, MetWest installed sections of 3M Blaze Dichroic Film, 3M Chill Dichroic Film, and black vinyl in varying sized strips on the glass, leaving clear glass reveals. It’s a relatively simple installation with a complex and enthralling effect due to the changing appearance of the Dichroic.


By leaving clear spaces and the matte black vinyl, the Dichroic is broken up and prevented from being too overwhelming in the relatively confined hallway and small office spaces. The final result fulfills the designers wishes to upgrade the offices to reflect the vibrant energy of the brand.

Print Designs on The Dichroic Film To Add Your Unique Touch

Did you know you can print on Dichroic film? Because Dichroic film is naturally extremely colorful already, not many people consider printing on it. However, there are some big creative advantages to this feature. It allows you to further personalize your glass film design to create something truly special and tailored to your space and company.


Printing does not take away from the color shifting qualities of Dichroic glass film, it simply adds another layer of complexity and visual interest. This is a great way to add a logo or branded pattern to a Dichroic install. But to take it even further, this is particularly useful technique to more thoroughly integrate Dichroic film into a multi-material glass installation.


In the example above, the custom cut Dichroic sections are printed with patterns so that the overall graphic flows seamlessly from printed clear film onto the Dichroic. The result is a very cohesive and unified final design.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting For An Extra-Dynamic Effect

One of the key features of dichroic film is that the colors shift with changes in light and perspective. In reality, most of the effect comes from a shift in perspective as most commercial interiors have extremely stable light. Unfortunately, most office spaces don’t have a lot of natural light, and so much of the space remains consistently brightly lit morning to evening with interior artificial lighting. Not a lot of light fluctuation in this situation.


Dichroic glass film still has a very dynamic and interesting effect even in this situation. However, installing it in an area that is getting a lot of natural light will create an even more impressive visual result. Then you have the benefit of the shifting light from weather changes and natural movements of the sun throughout the day creating slow constant shifts in the look of dichroic all day.


One interesting effect is in the winter evenings, when the sun has set before the end of the work day, Dichroic glass film can take on a unique almost glowing effect such as in the photo above.

Photo by Joogii | https://www.joogiidesign.com/

Turn Furniture Into Pieces of Art

All of your finishes chosen for your space already? Dichroic Film isn’t just for windows and glass walls. It can also be installed on furniture for a spectacular upgrade. This is a great way to bring Dichroic into a space as a fun conversational piece without large interior design changes.


Beautiful furniture pieces such as chairs, side tables and more already exist on the market with Dichroic deliberately incorporated into the design. LA based design studio Joogii are particular masters at incorporating Dichroic film into stunning designs.


However, if you’re having trouble finding a piece that fits the style of your space, you have many more options. As a film, one can also install the material on any piece with a glass or acrylic surface in order to transform a simple office furnishing into a work of art. Coffee and side tables are great choices for this kind of upgrade. And if need be, one can always later remove the film to restore the original look.

Dazzle With Dichroic

Dichroic film is an incredibly versatile and exciting film with a lot of potential fun applications. We hope this blog has you inspired to get creative with it! If you’re interested in a Dichroic film installation for your space, then we would love to work with you. Get in touch with MetWest today!

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