Glass Film Installation: How We Make It Happen Quicker than Anyone

Glass Film Installation: How We Make It Happen Quicker than Anyone

In our busy lives, the question of scheduling is always a pressing issue. The same goes for our customers. Luckily, we can boast of our fast glass film installation. Sometimes we can make it happen overnight – literally.

In this blog post, we’ll share a story from one of the nights our installation team has had to spend working. Besides this little inside from Metropolitan West life, we’ll also tell you what else you can expect of us.

We’re full of surprises – so keep reading!

How We Installed Glass Film Overnight

It’s not uncommon that a workflow can get a bit hectic for a successful business with many clients. That happens to our clients, too. Sometimes plans change and we have to complete the job for our client pretty quickly.

Sometimes “pretty quickly” means “by morning”.

One of our clients once has ordered privacy glass film. The project was beautiful and we were excited about it. Except, there was a catch: we only had a night to finish it.

Fortunately, with Metropolitan West such things are possible. Our installation team made their way to the client’s office and started the job.

They worked till morning and managed to complete installation before the client arrived. The office was transformed overnight – quite literally.

We Take Care of Our Clients – and Our Installers

Our installers had to pull in a late one, but don’t worry – we took care of them as well. Judey, our director of operations, made a detour after her own long day at Metropolitan West facility.

She ordered takeout and stopped by the client’s office to bring our crew some food and refreshments. As you can imagine, it lifted their spirits. In the morning, they left tired but happy with how the night went and its results.

MetWest installers are the people who work on glass film installation at any time of day and night and make it happen for us and our clients. We appreciate them and never hesitate to show it.

What You Can Expect of Glass Film Installation with MetWest

At Metropolitan West, we work on every project as if we were the client and the project was for our own space. We strive to go an extra mile for every client and offer a 360-degree view of a project.

On top of that, we work on every stage of the project, starting with the creative process and ending with installation. At every step of the project, whether it’s elevation planning or sending out samples, we make sure we give it 100 percent.

And that’s what you can expect of us. Working with Metropolitan West, you know that we’re going to do our best to accommodate your schedule and meet your requests. That, and beautiful designs, of course.

What Can We Do for You?

Metropolitan West offers:

All of our products are fully customizable. Ready to transform your office space? Contact us today and see what MetWest Advantage is for yourself.

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