Got A Commercial Building Interior Problem?

Got A Commercial Building Interior Problem?

Every commercial interior project has that one issue that’s been driving you up the wall. (Or maybe it’s more like a dozen issues). You know there’s a solution out there – but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Designing and constructing commercial building interior spaces is the culmination of a dozen different industries, each constantly innovating and coming up with new products and better ways of doing things.

It’s incredible and exciting! But it can be frustrating when you’re trying to track down a mysterious solution. Here are 5 common commercial building interior problems our customers come to us with – and our solutions.

Commercial Building Interior Troubles? We’ve Got Your Solution

1.  My property has expensive furniture/flooring/artwork. How can I protect it from fading?

Fading is caused by a number of factors, but the absolute number one problem is damage from sunlight. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to keep your curtains shut all day to protect your valuables. You need Solar Control Film. This is what museums and historical sites use to protect their valuables. Solar Control Film can dramatically slow the fading and aging process.

How does it manage this? The majority of fade damage is caused by Ultraviolet Light, or UV light – which a high-quality window film will reject the majority of. Heat and visible light are two other aspects of sunlight’s effect that film can vastly reduce.

By protecting your property from the most damaging parts of sunlight’s effects, you can enjoy both natural daylight and well-preserved furnishings for many years.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop fade completely. Time takes its toll in the end. Factors like pollutants, natural wear and tear will have their effect. But solar control film will let you slow that process down significantly.

2.  We love the look of our glass conference room, but we discuss sensitive information and it’s a security issue.

Collaboration and transparency are some of the biggest buzzwords in office design. And while you may love both the look and message of glass walls – but there’s always a need for some privacy. After all, you wouldn’t want to reveal private client information or confidential research to any visitor walking by. You need Cloaking Film.

Cloaking film is one of the most exciting developments in window film in recent years. Window film obscures only digital screens from outside view, while maintaining the transparent glass look you love. Anyone looking in will just see a black screen. It’s the perfect combination of collaboration and confidentiality. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

3.  We wanted writable walls in our offices, but dry erase paint is impossible to keep clean!

We end up repainting all the time because our walls get so smudged and dirty.

When it first came on the market, writable paint seemed like an incredible step up from clunky whiteboards. However, both suffer from the same big problem: ghosting. Ghosting is the marker smears and smudges that are impossible to clean off. After a while, the white surface is a murky grey. Not a great look for an otherwise pristine office.

Until recently, the only non-ghosting dry-erase solution was glass. Which looks great! But it’s pretty pricey for the average office budget. Not to mention heavy! Installing writable glass boards can mean some complicated and expensive engineering work.

Another solution is peerhatch writable wall covering. Peerhatch is a relatively new patented wall covering with guaranteed non-ghosting. Wipe away notes or doodles after months of leaving them up for a totally clean surface. Even permanent marker comes off without a trace with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

With Peerhatch, you get easy to clean writable walls backed by a 5-year non-ghosting guarantee.

4.  Can I install film to make my windows bulletproof?

No window film is bulletproof. As versatile as films are, even they have their limits. If you want genuine bulletproof protection, you will need to install ballistic glass.

For most businesses however, bulletproof glass is an excessive solution to their needs. Not to mention a massive expense for the average security budget. If you are simply looking for an added level of protection, Safety and Security Film might fit your needs.

Security film is a clear thick film that strengthens the glass and keeps it together in the event of it shattering. It will slow down anyone attempting to break in, giving time for police to respond and deterring any would-be burglars from entry. By safeguarding your business, security film can prevent the loss of countless dollars in inventory plus insurance cost breaks.

Furthermore, when glass is broken (whether from an intruder or a natural disaster), it can splinter into a wide area and damage property or injure nearby persons. Talk about a commercial building interior problem! Safety and Security Film holds glass together when shattered, protecting people and property.

5.  I need to protect my property from vandalism.

Scrubbing off spray paint is terrible. Even worse is when acid or etching vandalism requires you to get your glass replaced entirely. Our solution for you is Anti-Graffiti Film. This film will protect your glass from permanent damage from acid, paint, and etching attacks. It’s a clear barrier that protects your property and is easily removed and replaced if damaged by vandals. Making clean up a breeze and potentially saving you $1000s in glass replacement cost.

It’s not just for glass though! Graffiti abatement film can also be applied to mirrors, granite, bathroom stalls, elevators, and more. If it’s a smooth hard surface, anti-graffiti film might be your perfect solution.

Did You Find the Answer You Need?

Did we solve your problem? If not, then get in touch! Combing through an industry’s worth of innovative products to find the one perfect for you is time-consuming. Let us help. Our experienced reps are happy to problem solve the issue that you’re having and find the perfect film solution. Contact us today!

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